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UN Global Compact initiative announces launch of new Internet portal

UN Global Compact initiative announces launch of new Internet portal

The United Nations today announced the launch of a powerful Internet portal designed to promote on-line learning, dialogue and collaboration in the context of Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Global Compact initiative, which seeks to advance good corporate citizenship and responsible globalization.

“This is the first portal of its kind for the United Nations,” said Georg Kell, Executive Head of the Global Compact Office. “This establishes a powerful technology infrastructure to encourage the creation and sharing of critical content and information that is decentralized, thereby offering Global Compact participants from all over the world an opportunity to share activities and learn from others.”

The Global Compact portal provides a common user interface and an easily navigable framework for organizing, publishing and quickly locating relevant information. With the new technology, Global Compact participants can openly share experiences and case studies, while inviting comment and feedback in the spirit of continuous improvement.

The Global Compact is a corporate-citizenship initiative that brings companies together UN agencies, governments, labour and civil society to foster action and partnerships in support of nine principles in the areas of human rights, labour and the environment.

The portal was made possible thanks to the generous donation of services by SAP AG, a leading provider of e-business software solutions.