Annan marks 10th anniversary of Mongolia's declaration of nuclear-weapon-free status

25 September 2002

On the tenth anniversary of Mongolia declaring its territory a nuclear-weapon-free zone, the United Nations Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, today commended the country for taking steps to define and regulate that status.

A statement issued by a UN spokesman in New York said the Secretary-General welcomed the message of the President of Mongolia on the anniversary of the country’s declaration, and noted “with gratification” the President’s appreciation for the UN’s active involvement in promoting that status.

The Secretary-General “also notes the joint statement made by the five nuclear weapon States in October 2000 on security assurances in connection with the above-mentioned unilateral declaration,” the statement said.

On 25 September 1992, Mongolia unilaterally declared its territory as a nuclear-weapon-free zone. In February 2000, the country’s State Great Hural, or parliament, adopted legislation defining and regulating its nuclear-weapon-free status.


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