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Security Council to resume debate on Middle East draft text on Monday, President says

Security Council to resume debate on Middle East draft text on Monday, President says

Amb. Greenstock speaking to the press
The United Nations Security Council, which this afternoon discussed a draft resolution on the latest developments in the Middle East, will resume its deliberations on the matter on Monday morning, the President of the 15-member body said today.

Participants at today's closed-door meeting held a first round of discussions on the draft text, which had been tabled by Syria, according to Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock of the United Kingdom. "Most of the members of the Council who spoke wished to have time to consult their capitals on the draft," he told reporters following the session.

"One delegation made it clear that they would have considerable difficulties with the draft," he added, without specifying the country in question. "It is further the feeling amongst those members of the Council who spoke that it would be right to move forward if at all possible with full consensus on this… important issue."

Based on those expressed views, the President said he had adjourned the meeting, adding that he expected representatives to "be in a position on Monday morning to express considered views from their governments on this draft."

Responding to questions from the press, Ambassador Greenstock stressed that all members of the Council were "keen to support the prospect for a return to negotiations."

The diplomatic Quartet on the Middle East - the UN, United States, Russian Federation and European Union - along with others had done "important work" in this area, he noted. "The Council is very keen to maximize the opportunities for that bearing fruit."

"Unfortunately," he added, "there was a massive incident of violence in Gaza between then and now, and that has to be dealt with, and the Council may, in the next week, have something to offer on that."