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Kosovo: on eve of Assembly meeting, UN urges efforts towards self-government

Kosovo: on eve of Assembly meeting, UN urges efforts towards self-government

As the Kosovo Assembly prepares for its third meeting later this week, a senior United Nations official in the province today urged all political forces there to pursue the democratic process.

Charles Brayshaw, Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Acting Special Representative for Kosovo, said the 10 January meeting will provide the province's elected representatives with an opportunity to continue the process of "establishing substantial, meaningful and effective self-government."

"The United Nations remains fully committed to the process, and has invested significant efforts to ensure peace and stability in Kosovo and in the region that permit the people of Kosovo to exercise the right to participate in their own government," said Mr. Brayshaw, adding, "The international community has noted the efforts that the different entities have made over the last several weeks to build a coalition government."

Mr. Brayshaw stressed that the UN Interim Administration in Kosovo (UNMIK) "urges all the political forces in Kosovo to continue and develop those efforts, thus demonstrating to the International Community their commitment to democratic processes and their readiness to take on the responsibilities of government."

He called attention to specific measures that must be taken, including finalization of the composition of the Presidency, election of the President, and designation of a Prime Minister to form a government.

"It is in the interest of the people of Kosovo to complete these steps," said Mr. Brayshaw. "We trust that the third session of the Kosovo Assembly will be characterized by the constructive engagement of the political representatives."