Over 100 States report anti-terrorism measures to Security Council panel

Over 100 States report anti-terrorism measures to Security Council panel

More than 100 countries have provided information to a Security Council committee on the steps they have taken to implement anti-terrorism measures as required in a resolution adopted by the Council in the wake of last September's attacks against the United States.

As of yesterday, the Council's Counter-Terrorism Committee had received 113 reports from Member States on resolution 1373. Adopted on 28 September, it requires countries to find ways to deny financial and other support for terrorists and terrorist acts, and encourages more cooperation and information sharing among nations.

The next meeting of the Committee is planned for 9 January under the chairmanship of Ambassador Jeremy Greenstock of the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, Council members today received the report of the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on protection against nuclear terrorism. In a press statement by Ambassador Jagdish Koonjul of Mauritius, the current Council President, they encouraged the agency to pursue its work in this field.

In a separate statement, Council members also expressed their appreciation for the contribution of the five outgoing non-permanent members - Bangladesh, Jamaica, Mali, Tunisia and Ukraine - the mandates of which expired on 31 December, and praised Ambassador Moctar Ouane of Mali for the "excellent manner" in which he presided over the Council last month.