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With UN support, Kosovo gains wide Internet access

With UN support, Kosovo gains wide Internet access

The United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) today announced a new initiative which will provide Internet access to all business and residential customers in the province.

In cooperation with Kosovo's post and telecommunications office (PTK), UNMIK has launched the "Dardanet Network Centre" in Pristina to connect users using "the only terrestrial high-speed link to the global Internet infrastructure in Kosovo," the Mission said.

In addition to providing high-speed access and e-mail, Dardanet will include a news server, providing information on a wide range of interests, including music, television, movies, sports and e-commerce.

The new service comes in response to a rising demand for web access in Kosovo, according to PTK chief Leme Xhema. "The Internet has grown popular among our business and residential customers," she said, pledging to "move Kosovo's telecommunication infrastructure forward."