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UN report sets out 'road map' for implementing Millennium Summit goals

UN report sets out 'road map' for implementing Millennium Summit goals

A new report by Secretary-General Kofi Annan published today examines in detail how the world community and the United Nations are putting into practice the goals set out in a landmark declaration adopted last year at the Millennium Summit.

The 59-page report, entitled "Road Map towards the implementation of the United Nations Millennium Declaration," reviews progress under way, suggests paths to follow and presents "strategies for moving forward" for each of the Declaration's eight goals.

The report covers topics ranging from maintaining international peace and security, to development and poverty eradication to strengthening of the UN system. It also highlights the yardsticks that will be used to measure the implementation of the eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), calling it "crucial" that the MDGs become national goals and serve to increase the coherence and consistency of national policies and programmes.

Some of the time-bound targets set for improvement include eliminating extreme poverty and hunger, combating HIV/AIDS, reducing child mortality, ensuring environmental sustainability, significantly improving slum conditions, and addressing the special needs of landlocked developing States. The report also proposes indicators to measure overseas development assistance, market access, and debt sustainability in order to track progress in meeting the eighth goal of "developing a global partnership for development."

The material in this section was assembled through consultations among members of the UN Secretariat and representatives of the International Monetary Fund, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development and the World Bank.

In his concluding section, the Secretary-General says that this year's road map will be followed up with annual reports, buttressed by comprehensive five-yearly reports on progress made in achieving the Millennium Assembly's goals. For the next three years, Mr. Annan proposes these reports focus on progress made in the prevention of armed conflict and the treatment and prevention of diseases, including HIV/AIDS and malaria; strategies for development and for sustainable development; and on bridging the digital divide and curbing transnational crime.

Mr. Annan makes clear the scale of the challenge that lies ahead, and focuses on implementation. "What is needed is not more technical or feasibility studies," the Secretary-General says. "Rather, States need to demonstrate the political will to carry out commitments already given and to implement strategies already worked out."