In a bid to prevent diversion of Iraqi oil, UN monitors issue notification forms

3 April 2001

In an effort to prevent Iraqi crude from being diverted to unauthorized destinations, United Nations oil monitors have begun issuing notification forms to be signed by those in charge of vessels loading the petroleum.

The forms, which clearly indicate the approved destination of the purchased oil, are intended to "prevent the diversion and transhipment of Iraqi crude oil to a destination other than that authorized," according to the UN Office of the Iraq Programme.

The Office today issued its weekly update on the UN's oil-for-food programme, which allows Baghdad to sell its petroleum and use a portion of the earnings to purchase humanitarian relief.

According to the update, Iraq exported an average of 1.8 million barrels of oil a day last week, earning an estimated €284 million (euros) at current prices.

Meanwhile, the Office reported an increase in the number of contracts for humanitarian relief supplies placed on hold by the Security Council committee monitoring the sanctions against Baghdad. Over 1,600 contracts valued at nearly $3.44 billion are now on hold, with Committee members often citing the lack of technical specifications and potential dual use as reasons.


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