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Zack Martin, the owner of Crawler Haulers a trucking company based in Lafayette in Louisiana.
UN News/Daniel Dickinson

FIRST PERSON: ‘You can’t get paid for staring out of the window’ - How I proved my teacher wrong

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is marking its centenary in 2019 and as part of the commemoration has launched a photography project called “Dignity at Work: The American Experience” to document the working life of people across the United States. UN News joined the ILO on a visit to the southern US state of Louisiana.  

A 10-year-old girl stands by metal debris which was once part of a girls' school that was destroyed during a bomb blast in 2015, in Bodyalai village, Afghanistan.
© UNICEF/Marko Kokic

Deadly decade: UNICEF reports three-fold rise in verified attacks on children since 2010

Conflicts around the world are lasting longer and claiming more young lives, UNICEF Executive Director Henrietta Fore said on Monday, as the agency reported that over this ‘deadly decade’, there has been a three-fold rise in verified attacks on children since 2010 – an average of 45 violations a day. 

Solar powered mushroom farming in Nepal improves livelihoods and nutrition, and reduces deforestation.
UNDP/Dany Kelleter

FROM THE FIELD: Nepal’s magic mushrooms

The traditional cultivation of oyster mushrooms in Nepal, which has required burning large quantities of wood, has been replaced by the environmentally friendly use of solar power, thanks to a project supported by the UN Development Programme (UNDP).