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In a world of new challenges, ‘we need to build on what unites us’, Assembly President tells UN Member States

After a week of discussions on Member States’ priorities, challenges and impacts, the high-level portion of the 77th session of the UN General Assembly concluded on Monday, with the presiding official observing that the sheer number of participants indicated the importance of the General Debate in international affairs.

DPRK lashes out against international system governed by ‘exclusive Western values’

The Permanent Representative of the Democratic Republic of Korea (DPRK) to the UN said on Monday that global security is in its worst state since the Second World War, owing to the high-handedness of some countries attempting to replace the international order centered on the UN system with one “governed by unilateral and exclusive Western values”.

‘The war on Syria has failed,’ Foreign Minister says in UN speech, denouncing the West’s hegemonic ambitions

The current chaotic state of the world – from wars to the spread of terrorism and climate-induced disasters – is the result of hegemonic, wealth-hoarding countries and their ambitions to subjugate others, “which Syria knows only too well,” Foreign Minister Fayssal Mekdad said on Monday.

Forced out of school, but refusing to give up on education in Afghanistan

Girls in Afghanistan have been forced out of high school, ever since the Taliban returned to power a year ago. A United Nations-backed initiative is training girls to help others in their situation, educating their peers until they are able to return to formal schooling.

Haiti needs ‘robust support’ to quell gang violence and ease political tensions, Foreign Minister tells UN

Escalating gang violence has set off a crisis that is threatening “the very foundations of the rule of law” in Haiti, according to Foreign Minister Jean Victor Geneus, who told UN delegates in New York on Saturday that the authorities’ efforts to maintain order and ease ongoing political tensions could only succeed with robust international support.

At UN, Foreign Minister Wang Yi sees ‘hope’ in turbulent times, reaffirms ‘One China’ policy

Despite the world’s current phase of “turbulence and transformation”, there are “reasons for hope” amid broadening cooperation and deepening economic globalization, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told the UN on Saturday, as he also upheld the ‘One China’ policy as “international consensus.”

Russia had ‘no choice’ but to launch ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine, Lavrov tells UN

Faced with the “inability” of Western countries to negotiate and the Ukrainian Government’s “war against its own people” in the east, Russia had “no choice” but to launch what the Government refers to as its special military operation, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the UN General Assembly on Saturday.

Say ‘yes to a world united among peoples,’ urges Holy See

State Secretary of the Holy See Pietro Parolin urged world leaders at the UN General Assembly on Saturday to work together for peace, “born of encounter and dialogue” not weapons or fear.

Mali reports progress in political transition process, fighting terrorism

Authorities in Mali are moving along the path to political transition and institutional reform while combating terrorism and other insecurity, Acting Prime Minister Abdoulaye Maïga said in his speech to the UN General Assembly on Saturday. 

With help, Iraq’s spirit of hope, forward-looking youths can keep nascent democracy on track, Prime Minister says

Iraq represents a living example of how hope prevails over seemingly impossible odds, especially conflict and political crises, Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi told the UN General Assembly on Friday, and while the nascent democracy still needed international support, it is looking to its younger generations to keep the spirit of hope and courage alive.