Concern for women and children caught up in Ukraine conflict

The intensification of the Russian offensive in Ukraine is having devastating consequences on women and children, senior UN officials have reported. 

Women building a sustainable future: India’s rural energy pioneers

A UN project, in association with one of India’s leading clean energy companies, is training women salt farmers in the Indian state of Gujarat to work in the solar power industry, and build a better life.

Women building a sustainable future: the Kenyan engineer fighting for equality

Norah Magero, a Mechanical Engineer and Renewable Energy Expert from Kenya, is helping communities adapt to the changing climate, in the face of gender discrimination.

Baby formula marketing ‘pervasive, misleading and aggressive’ – UN report

Parents and pregnant women globally are exposed to aggressive marketing for baby formula milk, according to a report launched jointly by two UN agencies on Tuesday.

Women building a sustainable future: fighting back the desert, amid Niger’s refugee and climate crises

Internal displacement, regional instability, and climate change have created a refugee crisis in Niger, but an initiative in the town of Ouallam is showing how different communities can work together to survive, and improve the local environment.

The ongoing fight against child marriage and ‘bride kidnapping’ in Kyrgyzstan

Although child marriage and “bride kidnapping” are illegal in Kyrgyzstan, both practices still exist in parts of the country. An initiative from a UN-backed programme is finally leading to a change in attitudes, and a decline in these harmful practices.

Women building a sustainable future: green business begins to sprout in Ukraine

In Ukraine, home to heavy industry and one of the largest coal mining operations in the world, passionate women entrepreneurs are adopting new approaches to business, putting environment and people first.

Encourage today’s girls to become ‘tomorrow’s leading scientists and innovators’

In his message marking the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the UN chief on Friday called for an enabling environment where “today’s girls become tomorrow’s leading scientists and innovators, shaping a fair and sustainable future for all”.

More support needed for women and girls in super typhoon-ravaged Philippines

As the debris clears, the scale of destruction is laid bare. When Super Typhoon Rai - Odette as it’s known locally - barrelled down on the Philippines on 16 December, its 195km/h winds and torrential rain tore through hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and vital infrastructure, putting millions of lives in peril.

Women building a sustainable future: The Mexican violinist who saved the Sierra Gorda

Forty years ago, Martha Isabel Ruiz Corzo, known as Pati, left the Mexican city of Querétaro with her family in search of a simple rural life. Instead, she ended up leading and inspiring a group of some 17,000 local environmental activists, devoted to protecting the remote and beautiful Sierra Gorda.