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FEATURE: The UN General Assembly’s First Committee - disarmament and international security issues

Established in 1945, at the end stages of World War II, the United Nations General Assembly serves as the world body's principal policy-making and deliberative organ, providing a forum for multilateral discussion of the full spectrum of international issues covered by the UN Charter.

FEATURE: What does the UN General Assembly do when the General Debate ends?

The United Nations General Assembly.

Some have called it the world’s largest talking shop; others have called it a parliament of mankind. Often, there are a range of views inbetween and around those two perpectives.

New President outlines priorities for 67th General Assembly session

Giving the General Assembly a more prominent role in discussions on global economic governance and strengthening efforts to achieve the peaceful resolution of disputes will be among the priorities for the 67th session, the President of the 193-member body said today.

General Assembly opens new session with call to tackle urgent global issues

The United Nations General Assembly today opened its 67th session with an urgent call for cooperation to tackle the economic and political uncertainty which is being experienced in many parts of the world and ensure there are peaceful solutions to international disputes.

Wrapping up 66th session, Al-Nasser hails strong and responsive General Assembly

The United Nations General Assembly has stood “strong, active and responsive” to the global challenges of the past year, its outgoing President said today, as he concluded the sixty-sixth session.