More people die from suicide annually than from violent acts – UN health official

Around 1 million people die of suicide every year, more than by any other type of violence, including armed conflict, an official from the United Nations health agency noted today, stressing the need for greater efforts to tackle this preventable cause of death.

Laos: UN funds $15 million scheme to bolster agricultural productivity

Poor farmers in the uplands of Laos are set to receive a $15 million boost from the United Nations rural development arm to help finance a project aimed at bolstering productivity and improving the sustainable management of natural resources.

UN scheme slashes sexually transmitted infections in refugee camps

A series of measures taken by the United Nations refugee agency, including using community health workers to distribute condoms out of their homes, has dramatically reduced the incidence of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) among refugees in Bangladesh.

More funding needed for condoms in fight against HIV, UN agency warns

Despite a growing need for contraceptives and condoms for HIV prevention, funding has virtually stagnated since 2001 when it peaked at $224 million, according to a new analysis by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

UN agency begins health relief efforts in disputed Sudanese town of Abyei

The United Nations health agency has started preparations for the expected return of tens of thousands of displaced people to their homes in the disputed central Sudanese town of Abyei.

At UN-backed meeting, HIV experts seek wider condom use for sex workers

Experts meeting in Beijing today at a United Nations-backed regional workshop on stopping the spread of HIV called for the promotion of increased condom use between sex workers and their clients.

West African youth commit to a better future at UN-backed forum in Guinea-Bissau

More than 80 youth representatives from 10 West African countries attending a United Nations-backed conference pledged today to help their peers throughout the region by taking steps to improve sexual and reproductive health, encourage education, work towards poverty alleviation and promote peace.

UN atomic agency’s Nobel Prize funds cancer care, nutrition in developing world

The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), this year’s Nobel peace Prize co-laureate, announced today that its €525,000 share of the award will be used to create a fund for fellowships and training to improve cancer management and childhood nutrition in the developing world.

20 dead in latest Ebola outbreak, UN health agency reports

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today reported that 20 people have died of the deadly Ebola virus since the most recent outbreak struck the border region between Gabon and the Republic of the Congo.

Efficacy and safety of Norplant contraceptive confirmed by UN study

A five-year international study of users of Norplant® implants in eight developing countries "confirms the safety with respect to serious disease and the high contraceptive efficacy" of the method, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) announced over the weekend.