Economic Development

Ukraine war drives international food prices to ‘new all-time high’

Global food prices have reached “a new all-time high,” the head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization said on Friday, “hitting the poorest the hardest.”

Ukraine war linked to ‘massive malnutrition crisis’ affecting millions in other emergencies

The war in Ukraine has increased the risk of a “massive malnutrition crisis” for millions of children in other emergencies because of its already huge impact on global food prices, the UN said on Thursday.

Diverse, inclusive workplace: ‘Key driver of resilience and recovery’

One-in-four people do not feel valued at work, and those who do are mostly in senior positions, according to a new report launched on Wednesday by the International Labour Organization (ILO).

Guterres unveils first recommendations of UN crisis group, set up in wake of Ukraine invasion

António Guterres released the initial recommendations of his Global Crisis Response Group on Food, Energy and Finance (GCRG) on Tuesday, set up in response to the hunger crisis provoked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

UN Dubai Forum closes with calls for focus on women entrepreneurs, innovation and sustainable development for all

The World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum (WEIF 2022) closed in Dubai on Wednesday with participants adopting the ‘UAE Declaration’, which calls for greater collaboration, integration and connectivity across the Arab world and a strong focus on women entrepreneurs to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

UN Dubai Forum: Women entrepreneurs call for greater access to financing

The second full day of the World Entrepreneurs Investment Forum (WEIF 2022) on Tuesday, saw women entrepreneurs demanding better opportunities and better access to financing to help ensure a more equitable, sustainable role in business development in the Arab region.

Entrepreneurship, investment key to achieving SDGs and resilient post-pandemic recovery

A United Nations forum opened in Dubai today, spotlighting entrepreneurship, innovation, and investment in a post-pandemic recovery as vehicles to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Farmers in northern Haiti dig for resilience

Farmers in the north of Haiti are working to build their resilience to extreme weather patterns in an attempt to better protect themselves from the loss of property and crops that often result from natural disasters.

First Person: I know what it’s like to go hungry as a child

An agronomist working for the World Food Programme (WFP) in Haiti tells UN News that, like the people she helps today, she remembers what it’s like to go hungry as a child.

Ukraine war fueling global economic downturn as growth projections slide

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the “main contributing factor” to the potentially devastating one per cent drop in projected global economic growth this year, UN development economists UNCTAD said on Thursday, in the body’s latest global economic update.