Middle East

Reducing violence against women vital for peace in Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territory – UN expert

Concluding her first visit to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT)/State of Palestine, a United Nations human rights expert called on both sides to strengthen their efforts to eliminate violence against women as well as to their rights in public and private sectors.

At UN, Gulf State Ministers stress importance of ‘good neighbourliness’ in Middle East

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, the Foreign Ministers of Bahrain and Oman today expressed concerns about instability in the Middle East region, citing the links between peace and development, and emphasizing the importance of being good neighbours to each other.

At Security Council, UN envoy appeals for Russia and US cooperation to pull Syria 'away from the brink'

Amid the unprecedented military assault on eastern Aleppo, where fireballs from incendiary bombs “light up the pitch darkness,” the United Nations Special Envoy for Syria today strongly appealed to the Security Council – particularly permanent members Russia and the United States – to rescue a recently collapsed cessation of hostilities, end the bloodshed and speed aid into the iconic city where, overall, some two million people remain under a de facto siege.

United Arab Emirates, in UN debate, says Iran’s actions destabilized region

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly, the Foreign Minister of the United Arab Emirates today expressed concern over Iran’s actions that caused “tension and instability in the region.”

At UN, Syrian Minister says 'well-known' countries to blame for spread of terrorism in region and beyond

The blood of Syrians has not been enough to quench terrorism's thirst, Deputy Prime Minister Walid Al-Moualem told the United Nations today, stressing that the scourge has claimed lives in other countries, “including those that have supported and sponsored it,” and further, these innocent people are now paying for the mistakes and short-sighted policies adopted by their governments.

Ban laments 'dark day' for civilian protection as bombing of Aleppo intensifies

Amid reports of raging battles in and around war-torn Aleppo, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has called this a “dark day” for the global commitment to protect civilians, and stressed that the use of 'bunker buster' bombs and other indiscriminate weapons in densely populated areas may amount to war crimes.

With international support, a ‘new Yemen’ will emerge from catastrophic war, President tells UN

Thanking the United Nations Secretary-General and Special Envoy for all the efforts they have undertaken to ensure the peace process in Yemen and “break out of the suffocating crisis” that is plaguing his country, President Abdrabuh Mansour Hadi Mansour told the General Assembly today that with international support, a “new Yemen” will emerge from the ruins of war.

Lebanon is ‘not a country of permanent asylum,’ Prime Minister tells UN Assembly

Lebanon is no longer able to assimilate additional displaced persons, and the United Nations should envision resettling the displaced Syrians within their national borders, the President of Lebanon’s Council of Ministers, Tammam Salam, told the UN General Assembly today.

At UN, Israel’s Netanyahu says conflict is ‘not about settlements’ but existence of a Jewish State

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has never been about settlements, or about establishing a Palestinian state, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told the United Nations General Assembly today, saying “it’s always been about the existence of a Jewish State […] in any boundary.”

Serious global collaboration needed in war on terrorism, Iraqi premier tells UN Assembly

Taking the podium of the United Nations General Assembly to declare that most of the land seized by Islamist extremists has been recaptured, Iraqi Prime Minister Haidar al-Abadi today appealed to the international community for more aid to reintegrate those displaced and greater cooperation in the war on terrorism.