Middle East

Bring on the clowns: UN agency finds new ally in helping Iraqi refugee children

The United Nations refugee agency has enlisted a new ally – red-nosed clowns – to help put Iraqi children traumatized by the violence of their homeland at ease while they register for school in neighbouring Syria.

Next months vital for Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts – UN political chief

The top United Nations political officer today called for an Israeli freeze on settlements and removal of unauthorized outposts and for Palestinian steps to end violence, terrorism and incitement, warning that the next few months are critical for the renewed peace process between the two sides.

UN, Netherlands sign accord to base Lebanon Special Tribunal in The Hague

The United Nations and the Netherlands today signed an agreement to base in The Hague the court to judge recent assassinations in Lebanon, including that of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.

Iraq’s violence takes heavy toll on its children, reports UNICEF

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today painted a bleak picture of the situation of children in Iraq, where an estimated 2 million boys and girls continue suffer from poor nutrition, disease and interrupted education.

Staff at UN Headquarters march in memory of fallen colleagues in Algiers

United Nations staff in New York, led by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, today honoured the memory of their colleagues who died in the 11 December terrorist attack in Algiers with a silent march in front of the world body’s Headquarters.

Ban Ki-moon meets with UN staff in Algeria after visiting bombing site

One week after a deadly car bombing claimed the lives of 17 United Nations workers in Algiers, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today visited the site of the attack and met with the world body’s staff, paying tribute to their dedication and professionalism.

UN refugee agency sends urgent supplies to Iraqis displaced by Turkish shelling

Voicing deep concern at the displacement in northern Iraq caused by ongoing shelling by Turkey, the United Nations refugee agency has dispatched urgent supplies, including blankets and stoves, for distribution today to more than 1,800 people who fled their homes over the weekend in two districts up to 100 kilometres inside the country.

Nearly 90 nations have reported on Iran sanctions, Security Council told

Nearly 90 Member States have reported to the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions imposed against Iran, the chairman of that panel said today.

Security Council renews mandate of multinational force in Iraq for another year

The Security Council today extended the mandate of the United States-led multinational force (MNF) in Iraq by another year, until the end of 2008, after a formal request from the Government of the Middle East country.

Donors must revive Palestinian economy to forge peace with Israel – Ban Ki-moon

Declaring that there are better grounds for optimism than at any time in the recent past for settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called on international donors to reduce the gap between the hopes raised by last month’s re-launching of peace efforts and the dire situation in the Palestinian territory.