Middle East

Ban outlines options to wind up oil-for-food programme

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has outlined options for resolving outstanding issues involved in winding up the oil-for-food programme for Iraq.

Syria: UN sparks hope among Iraqi refugee schoolchildren

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is reaching out to Iraqi schoolchildren in the Syrian capital Damascus by distributing school supplies before the start of the school year next month.

Arab countries agree to UN-backed electronic money transfer services

Eight Arab countries have signed an agreement to start electronic money transfer services using technology that has been developed by the United Nations postal agency with the aim of helping rural populations and migrant workers have access to better services.

Continued improvement in Iraq’s security situation, Ban reports

A combination of political and military efforts has led to continued improvements in security across Iraq in the past three months, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon writes in his latest report to the Security Council on the United Nations Assistance Mission to the country (UNAMI).

Iraqi refugees learn the value of laughter at UN-backed workshops

Dozens of Iraqi refugee women living in Syria are learning how to build their self-confidence, develop relaxation techniques and hone their communication skills thanks to innovative workshops organized by the United Nations refugee agency and the group Clowns Without Borders.