Middle East

UN human rights experts call on Israel to stop razing Palestinian homes

Gravely concerned at the scale of suffering caused by Israel's systematic demolition of Palestinian homes, water sources and livelihoods in the Rafah refugee camp, two United Nations experts today jointly condemned the practice as illegal and called for international action if it continues.

Brahimi 'respects' Iraqi Council's decision on Prime Minister-designate

United Nations Special Adviser Lakhdar Brahimi respects the decision taken by the Iraqi Governing Council to name Iyad Allawi as Iraq's Prime Minister-designate, a spokesman for the world body said today in response to press questions.

Over 2,000 Palestinians left homeless in latest Israeli raid, UN reports

Israel's recent weeklong military raid into the Gaza Strip town of Rafah left more than 2,000 Palestinians homeless, bringing to nearly 3,500 the total of those whose residences were demolished or rendered uninhabitable since the beginning of the month, according to a full United Nations assessment released today.

UN-sponsored experts draw up blueprint to safeguard Iraq’s cultural heritage

Girding itself for the “immense and vital” challenge of safeguarding Iraq’s cultural heritage, a United Nations-sponsored group of international experts today drew up a seven-point blueprint for comprehensive conservation, rehabilitation, capacity building, training and coordination.

Security Council discusses draft resolution on Iraq

The United Nations Security Council today met in closed session to discuss a draft resolution on Iraq, while Special Adviser Lakhdar Brahimi continued contacts in Baghdad aimed at helping the Iraqis set up a transitional government to receive sovereignty on 30 June.

Latest Israeli incursion left 575 more Palestinians homeless, UN reports

The latest Israeli military incursion in Rafah has left an additional 575 Palestinians homeless, bringing the total since the beginning of the month to nearly 2,000, the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) reported today.

Iraq: UN rights report delayed so coalition governments can provide input

The release of a United Nations report on the human rights situation in Iraq has been delayed in order to allow time for coalition governments to provide input, a UN spokesman confirmed today.

Relief aid drive in Iraq must adapt to security conditions - UN official

As Iraq enters "the period of greatest challenges," relief efforts will have to be adapted in order to succeed, a senior United Nations official told donor nations meeting today in Doha, Qatar.

Human rights abuses go well beyond cases that make headlines - Annan

With photos of prisoner abuses in Iraq and reports of civilians under attack in Sudan's Darfur region grabbing worldwide attention, Secretary-General Kofi Annan hosted a lecture today at United Nations Headquarters in New York that looked at the various dimensions of human rights.

Over two dozen Palestinians return to Iraq from UN camps in Jordan

Twenty-six Palestinians who last year fled the conflict in Iraq have returned from a United Nations refugee camp in Jordan's eastern desert, a UN spokesman reported today.