Middle East

UN refugee agency alarmed by refugees stuck on the border of Iraq and Jordan

The United Nations refugee agency expressed concern today about the fate of an estimated 1,800 refugees who have been stranded for seven months in camps near the border between Iraq and Jordan.

Israel not complying with General Assembly demand to halt barrier - Annan

Israel is not in compliance with a demand by the United Nations General Assembly to halt and take down a barrier on occupied Palestinian land, and the construction in present circumstances cannot be seen “as anything but a deeply counterproductive act,” Secretary-General Kofi Annan says in a report released today.

Israel and Palestinians cannot afford to wait for the other to move first, says Annan

Recent moves by Palestinian and Israeli civil society to promote peace show a settlement can be achieved, but the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority must act now instead of waiting for the other side to move first, according to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan.

UN nuclear watchdog deplores Iran’s breaches, warns of action on future violations

The United Nations nuclear watchdog agency today strongly deplored Iran’s past breaches of a safeguards agreement aimed at preventing the development of nuclear weapons and, while welcoming Tehran’s recent cooperation, warned that further serious failures would bring an immediate response.

Iraq: Annan to consult with Iraqi neighbours and Security Council members

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan will hold consultations on Iraq on Monday with representatives of the country’s neighbors, Egypt and selected members of the Security Council.

Iraq: Security Council establishes new committee to track Saddam-linked assets

The United Nations Security Council decided unanimously today to establish a new committee to continue tracking the financial assets removed from Iraq by persons connected to Saddam Hussein.

UN nuclear watchdog accepts Iranian decision to sign on to inspections

The United Nations nuclear watchdog agency today accepted Iran's proposal to sign on to an additional protocol to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) that allows for unannounced inspections of its facilities.

Political transition agreement a step towards Iraqi sovereignty, Security Council told

The Iraqi Governing Council's announcement last weekend that it had created a political process for choosing a transitional national assembly was a dramatic step in the country's move to full sovereignty in 2004, the United States told the United Nations Security Council today.

Iran committed many breaches of nuclear treaty but now cooperating – UN

Iran has committed many breaches of its obligations under a safeguards agreement aimed at preventing the development of nuclear weapons but has already taken or is taking corrective action, the head of the United Nations nuclear watchdog agency said today, indicating that he favoured a diplomatic solution.

On eve of its expiry, Annan hails 'unprecedented' Iraq Oil-for-Food programme

On the eve of its expiry, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today hailed as "unprecedented" the multi-billion dollar United Nations Oil-for-Food programme, which fed most Iraqis for seven years under Saddam Hussein's sanctions-bound regime, and vowed to continue helping Iraq's "long-suffering people."