Middle East

UN arms monitors conduct first aerial inspections in Iraq

For the first time, United Nations monitors in Iraq today conducted aerial inspections over a number of sites, including several biological and agricultural research facilities.

UN attempts to interview Iraqis, inspections continue

United Nations officials attempted to interview two Iraqis today but the sessions fell through after the individuals insisted on having a witness present, according to a UN spokesman in Baghdad.

Security Council looking forward to Powell's briefing next week, Annan says

With the Security Council planning to hold a meeting next week to discuss the situation in Iraq, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today said anticipation was high for the visit of United States Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Security Council extends UN force in southern Lebanon until 31 July

The Security Council today extended the mandate of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) for another six months, until 31 July.

As Security Council discusses next steps, UN inspectors continue arms probe in Iraq

As the Security Council met in New York behind closed doors to discuss the next steps forward on Iraq, United Nations inspectors continued their visits today to various facilities around the country.

Security Council meets behind closed doors to discuss situation in Iraq

The Security Council, which had been briefed on Monday by the chief United Nations weapons inspectors, met behind closed doors today to continue their discussions on the situation in Iraq.

Planned interview with Iraqi cancelled as inspections continue, UN says

A planned interview of an Iraqi by United Nations officials did not take place today after the individual insisted on having a witness present during the questioning, a spokesman for the UN said in Baghdad.

Oil-for-food: Iraq exports 11.4 million barrels last week, UN reports

Iraqi oil revenues for the week ending 24 January totalled $324 million based on the export of 11.4 million barrels, according to the United Nations office overseeing the humanitarian "oil-for-food" programme, which allows Baghdad to use a portion of its petroleum sales to buy relief supplies.

Iraq cooperating but needs to do more on 'substance,' Blix tells Security Council

While Iraq has cooperated in allowing United Nations inspectors into various sites, the top UN arms expert, Hans Blix, told the Security Council today that Baghdad should be more forthcoming with information and allow greater access to key personnel with knowledge of the country's weapons programmes.

UN arms inspectors visit missile installations, manufacturing plants in Iraq

United Nations monitors continued their probe in Iraq today with visits to missile installations and other sites.