Middle East

Iraq invites top UN inspector for talks ahead of Security Council briefing next month

As inspections continued on the ground in Iraq, the United Nations today confirmed that Baghdad has invited the chief UN arms expert for further discussions on the international probe into the country's weapons programmes.

UN biological, chemical teams move ahead with inspections in Iraq

United Nations inspectors in Iraq today continued their checks of biological, chemical and missile facilities in and around Baghdad.

Security Council adjusts reviewable list of goods under Iraq oil-for-food programme

The Security Council today approved changes to a list of goods that are subject to review and approval under the United Nations humanitarian aid programme for Iraq, as well as new procedures for implementing that catalogue.

UN inspectors visit chemical facility in Iraq

United Nations arms inspectors today visited a chemical facility in Iraq as part of their ongoing probe of the country's suspected weapons programme.

Iraq gives UN list of scientists involved in producing weapons of mass destruction

The United Nations today received from Iraq's National Monitoring Directorate a list of names of personnel associated with the country's chemical, biological, nuclear and ballistic missile programmes, according to a UN spokesman in Baghdad.

UN interviews another key Iraqi scientist as inspections continue

As United Nations experts today continued their inspections throughout Iraq, they interviewed another key Iraqi scientist about the country's suspected weapons programme.

UN arms experts continue inspections of Iraqi sites

Inspectors from the United Nations today continued their checks of various facilities in and around Baghdad for evidence of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction.

UN experts press forward with inspection activities in Iraq

United Nations biological, chemical and nuclear experts today continued their probe of Iraq's weapons programme, visiting sites connected with the country's military ambitions as well as civilian facilities suspected of covert activities.

UN resumes interviews of scientists on Iraqi arms programme

After a four-year hiatus, United Nations inspectors today resumed their interviews of Iraqi scientists, questioning at length an expert at Baghdad Technical University.

UN arms inspectors visit former baby milk factory in Iraq

United Nations arms experts today carried forward with inspections at several sites around Baghdad, including a former factory that used to produce dried baby milk.