Middle East

Faltering Palestinian economy needs bold new strategy, contends UN report

The economy of the occupied Palestinian territory faces unprecedented challenges from coping with Israeli closures to the loss of natural resources, the United Nations said in a new report, calling for an economic strategy that marks a bold departure from the norm.

UN agency says it is facing 'stalemate' with Iran over nuclear programme

The head of the United Nations atomic watchdog warned today that the agency has reached a deadlock with Iran over most aspects of its nuclear programme as he urged the country to credibly answer the international community's concerns over potential military dimensions to the programme.

Humanitarian crisis in northern Yemen intensifying, UN cautions

As heavy fighting between the Government and rebels in northern Yemen enters its fourth week, the humanitarian crisis in the country is deepening, the United Nations refugee agency warned today.

Top UN envoy hopes new Lebanese Government formed soon

The top United Nations envoy for Lebanon today voiced hope that the country’s new Government will be formed soon, during talks in Beirut with Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri.

Gaza water crisis prompts UN call for immediate opening of crossings

The top United Nations humanitarian official in the occupied Palestinian territory today joined aid agencies in calling for the immediate opening of Gaza’s crossings to allow the entry of spare parts and materials critical to restoring the area’s water and sanitation services.

Senior UN envoy wraps up visit to Kurdistan region of northern Iraq

The top United Nations envoy to Iraq has met with senior Government figures, lawmakers and other UN officials during a two-day visit to the northern region of Kurdistan aimed at boosting the world body’s engagement in the region.

UN refugee agency distribute food aid to thousands of refugees in Yemen

The United Nations has shipped much needed food supplies to thousands of mainly Somali refugees in Yemen as they mark the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims fast during daylight hours.

Yemen and UN launch urgent appeal for aid funding following clashes in north

The United Nations, the Yemeni Government and several humanitarian organizations have launched an urgent appeal for $23.5 million to provide food and shelter to an estimated 150,000 people who have been displaced by recent fighting in the north.

Northern Yemen’s humanitarian situation unravelling, warns UN refugee agency

Continuing clashes between Government forces and rebels have trapped civilians inside a city in northern Yemeni city, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported today, stressing that the humanitarian situation is deteriorating daily.

Gaza: UN receives €13 million cash injection to ease unemployment crisis

A United Nations-backed employment scheme in Gaza is set to receive a €13 million boost from the European Union that will create more than 1.4 million work days for the jobless in the Strip, the UN agency tasked with providing basic services for Palestinian refugees announced today.