Middle East

With Gaza pullout ending, Israel, Palestinians must remain true to Road Map, says UN

With the first stage of Israel’s "watershed" disengagement from the Gaza Strip nearly completed – although the work for security forces on both sides is far from over – the United Nations political affairs chief today called on all Palestinian factions to reject violence and pursue their goals through peaceful and democratic means.

Secretary-General strongly condemns latest Beirut bombing

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today strongly condemned the latest bombing in Beirut that injured several people in the Zalka suburb and called upon all parties to continue to work towards a united, sovereign and democratic Lebanon.

Iraq: Annan calls on all sides to show further flexibility in drafting constitution

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today called on all parties involved in drafting the new Iraqi constitution to show further flexibility in producing a document that covers the interests of all the war-torn country’s people.

Afghan refugees accelerate voluntary repatriation from Pakistan's tribal areas

With the Government of Pakistan's August 31 deadline for closure of refugee camps fast-approaching, the number of Afghans requesting help to repatriate from tribal agencies in Kurram and Bajaur has risen sharply, according to the United Nations refugee agency.

Iraq: in face of 'heinous' suicide attacks, Annan urges peace, unity, democracy

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today condemned the recent wave of suicide bombings in Iraq as "heinous attacks" and called on all Iraqis to build a united, democratic and prosperous Iraq through peaceful means.

UN envoy in Iraq urges Government to eschew death penalty

Reacting to the recent imposition of capital punishment in Iraq, the senior envoy to the country has urged the Government to desist from carrying out executions.

With worldwide ceremonies, UN marks 2nd anniversary of Baghdad terror attack

From its Headquarters in New York to front-line missions in the field, from solemn minutes of silence to impassioned tribute to the fallen, the entire United Nations system today marked the second anniversary of the deadly terrorist attack on UN headquarters in Baghdad, one of the darkest days in the world body's history.

Top UN envoy in Iraq condemns latest Baghdad bombings

The senior United Nations envoy in Iraq has condemned the three car bombs which exploded at the Al-Nahda Bus Terminal in Baghdad on Wednesday, killing 43 people and injuring 100.

Annan commends Israeli withdrawal from Gaza

Commending what he called Israeli Prime Minister Sharon’s “courageous decision” to carry through with the painful process of disengagement from the Gaza Strip and part of the northern West Bank, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today expressed the hope that “both Palestinians and Israelis will exercise restraint in this challenging period.”

Baghdad bombings violate all humanitarian principles – Annan

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan denounced the bombings in Baghdad today that killed at least 43 people and wounded many more.