UN peacekeeping chief welcomes growing links with European Union in crisis management

The United Nations peacekeeping chief today highlighted the growing level of cooperation between the UN and the European Union in tackling problems springing from many of the world’s hotspots.

UN envoy welcomes progress made by Kosovo and Serbia to normalize relations

A senior United Nations official today welcomed the recent steps taken by Kosovo and Serbia to normalize relations, and called on the international community to fully support the dialogue between the two to reach long-term agreements.

At intercultural centre, Ban highlights need for religious and political leaders to use their influence responsibly

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today highlighted the need for religious and political leaders to use their influence responsibly, while pointing out how recent events in places such as the Middle East and Mali drive home the need to “promote long-term mutual understanding.”

Ireland must do more to raise awareness of human rights defenders – UN expert

An independent United Nations expert today stressed that although the environment in Ireland is favourable for human rights defenders, the country could do more to raise awareness among its citizens of their role in society.

Croatia: UN expert welcomes efforts to deal with violence against women, urges more

A United Nations independent expert today welcomed the Croatian Government’s efforts to uphold and protect the human rights of women by signing and ratifying relevant international human rights conventions, and through numerous other initiatives at the national level.

UN war crimes tribunal overturns convictions of two former Croatian generals

A United Nations war crimes tribunal today overturned the convictions of two former Croatian generals who were found guilty last year of various crimes against humanity during the Balkan conflicts of the 1990s, and ordered that they be released immediately.

Security Council extends mandate of European peacekeepers in Bosnia for another year

The Security Council today extended for another year the mandate of the European peacekeepers tasked with ensuring the continued compliance by all sides with the 1995 Dayton Peace Agreement that ended fighting in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina seeing rise in divisive behaviour, Security Council told

Political leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina are failing to produce what they should be 17 years after the signing of the peace agreement that ended fighting in the country and secessionist rhetoric is on the rise, the Security Council heard today.

Marking anniversary of Kristallnacht Pogrom, UN holds discussions with renowned historians

The 74th anniversary of the Kristallnacht – the violent attack in Germany and Austria against Jews and their homes, synagogues and businesses in 1938 – was observed at United Nations Headquarters this week with two discussions involving renowned experts on some of the issues related to the pogrom.

UN expert calls for Bosnia and Herzegovina to speed up redress for women victims of wartime violence

Noting that heightened levels of domestic violence in Bosnia and Herzegovina are often linked to the country’s legacy of its 1990s war, a United Nations independent expert today called for its Government to “speed up” justice and reparations measures for women who are the victims of violence.