Ukraine: UN concerned at reported government probes of AIDS groups

The United Nations today voiced concern at reported Ukrainian Government-led investigations of HIV/AIDS programmes run by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) while at the same time praising a new law promoting a human rights-based approach to the disease.

Cyprus: leaders agree to intensify reunification talks after meeting with Ban

Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders agreed to intensify talks to reunify their island today after meeting in Geneva with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who has warned that substantive agreement in the next few months is crucial to avoid potential failure.

Ireland’s vulnerable groups most threatened by financial crisis, warns UN expert

Ireland’s economic and financial crisis poses a disproportionate threat to vulnerable groups in the European country who did not benefit much even when the economy was booming, the United Nations independent expert on human rights and extreme poverty said today.

UN mine action programme clears 27,000 landmines in Cyprus

United Nations de-miners have removed over 27,000 landmines from the buffer zone in Cyprus over the past six years, the UN envoy to the country said today, while announcing that the mine action programme will come to an end next month due to lack of access to remaining minefields.

Serbia joins list of countries agreeing to enforce ICC jail terms

The International Criminal Court (ICC) and the Government of Serbia signed an agreement today by which people convicted by the court can serve their sentences in the Eastern European nation.

UN-backed Cyprus reunification talks gain momentum ahead of meeting with Ban

Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot leaders discussed governance and power-sharing today as they prepare to meet with Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon later this month in United Nations-sponsored talks aimed at reunifying the Mediterranean island.

Ban calls on Belarus to release detained journalists and opposition leaders

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today called for the release of journalists, opposition candidates and their supporters who continue to be detained in Belarus following recent presidential elections.

Balkan flood victims will continue to need aid through winter, UN says

Tens of thousands of people affected by the worst floods to hit Bosnia and Herzegovina and neighbouring Montenegro in decades will continue to need help during the winter months, warned the United Nations refugee agency, which has already provided assistance to several thousand people in the two Balkan nations.