UN expert heads to UK to investigate violence against women

Domestic and sexual violence, sexual bullying and harassment, forced and early marriages, and female genital mutilation – all these issues and more will be on the docket as the United Nations expert tasked with monitoring violence against women launched her first mission in the United Kingdom.

UN experts seriously concerned at Turkey’s crackdown on YouTube, Twitter before polls

A group of independent United Nations human rights experts today voiced serious concern over the Turkish Government’s measures, taken in the context of upcoming elections, to prevent access to video-sharing website YouTube, a week after social media platform Twitter was shut down.

Secretary-General wraps up visit to Greenland with tour of Ilulissat Icefjord

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon travelled to the Ilulissat Icefjord today as he wrapped up his visit to Greenland, which was aimed at building momentum ahead of the summit he will convene in September on climate change.

Backing Ukraine’s territorial integrity, UN Assembly declares Crimea referendum invalid

In a vote that reaffirmed Ukraine’s unity and territorial integrity, the United Nations General Assembly today adopted a measure underscoring that the mid-March referendum in Crimea that led to the peninsula’s annexation by Russia “has no validity” and that the parties should “pursue immediately a peaceful resolution of the situation.”

‘Majestic’ Greenland provides UN chief first-hand look at impacts of climate change

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon saw first-hand the impacts of climate change during a visit today to Greenland, where the melting of ice sheets is accelerating.

UN Human Rights office concerned over Turkey’s Twitter ban

The United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) today expressed concern at Turkey’s recent decision to block access to the social media platform Twitter, noting that it is – along with any decision to curb freedom of expression online – in contradiction with the country’s international human rights commitments.

Diplomatic solution only way to resolve Russia-Ukraine crisis, Ban stresses in Kyiv

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Saturday reiterated his message that only a diplomatic solution, based on the ideals of the United Nations Charter, would solve the current crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

With tensions high, Ban urges ‘real’ dialogue between Kyiv and Moscow to resolve crisis

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today urged “real dialogue” between Kyiv and Moscow to peacefully resolve the current crisis, during a visit to the Ukrainian capital following discussions with Russian officials yesterday.

In Russia, Ban calls for ‘honest and constructive dialogue between Kyiv and Moscow’

Leading diplomatic efforts to encourage all parties involved in the Ukraine crisis to find a peaceful solution, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon met today with Russian President Vladimir Putin and emphasized the need for de-escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and restoring the “brotherly relationship” between the two countries.

Ban heads to Russia and Ukraine amid rising tensions; Security Council briefed on latest events

With Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon headed to Russia and Ukraine as part of his diplomatic efforts to de-escalate current tensions, the Security Council heard senior United Nations officials in New York urge adherence to fundamental principles of the UN Charter, including respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and ensuring respect for the human rights of all.