UN Secretary-General to meet separately next week with Putin and Zelenskyy

António Guterres will be traveling to Russia and Ukraine to meet with both the Foreign Ministers and Presidents of these countries.

First Person: A month in a Mariupol basement 

Invading Russian forces have almost completely destroyed Mariupol, a port city in southern Ukraine. Former resident Alina Beskrovna recalled to UN News, a month-long ordeal sheltering in a basement there as she witnessed fierce fighting and obliteration, before her eventual escape. 

Ukraine: Escaping Bucha

Bucha. Once a quiet dormitory town near Kyiv, it is now synonymous with the mass killing of civilians in the increasingly brutal war in Ukraine. Although Yuliia Ivanenko* and her family escaped the bloodshed, and are receiving help form the UN migration agency (IOM), they are struggling to adapt to their new status as they join the ranks of the millions of people displaced from their homes.

30,000 Ukrainians returning home every day, say relief agencies

More than 870,000 people who fled abroad since the Russian invasion on 24 February, have now returned to Ukraine, UN humanitarians said in their latest emergency update, amid concerns about deteriorating food security inside the country.

Ukraine resilience-building programme to help most vulnerable

A UN-led development plan for Ukraine launched on Monday, to provide immediate economic help and longer-term assistance to the millions left struggling to meet basic needs, in the wake of the Russian invasion.

Ukraine: UN condemns deadly attack on train station, dozens of civilians killed

In eastern Ukraine, a reported Russian missile attack on a railway station that’s killed dozens of civilians including children, has been condemned by the United Nations. Secretary-General António Guterres said in a statement, that the strike - and others against civilians and civilian infrastructure - were "gross violations" of international law.

Ukraine: UN relief chief joins call for probe after ‘horrifying’ visit to Bucha

The UN’s top humanitarian official has joined the call for an investigation into the killing of hundreds of civilians in Bucha, Ukraine, following a visit to the city on Thursday. 

Justice and reparations still critical, 30 years on from Sarajevo siege

Thirty years after the siege of Sarajevo, the UN team in Bosnia and Herzegovina reiterated the importance on Wednesday of pursuing justice and reparation for victims, survivors and their family members.

Can the UN stop a war? 5 of your questions answered

The current war in Ukraine, following the Russian invasion, has sparked all sorts of questions about the United Nations, particularly the role of the Security Council, the General Assembly and the Secretary-General.

Ukraine’s President calls on Security Council to act for peace, or ‘dissolve’ itself

In an impassioned address to the Security Council that evoked the ashen destruction wrought during the Second World War, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Tuesday described in stark detail what he said was the deliberate slaughter of civilians in Bucha by Russian forces, laying out an existential choice for its members, over the whole future of the world’s security architecture, founded in 1945.