Despite progress, Russia has much to do to improve women’s rights – UN expert

Although Russia has undergone administrative and legislative change that has contributed to improvements in the situation of women over the past decade, violence – particularly in the home – continues to cause injuries and claim the lives of thousands of women annually, according to a United Nations expert.

UN starts integration plan for refugees in Russia's North Caucasus republics

The United Nations and its partners have launched a new project to facilitate the integration of displaced persons and refugees into host communities in the Russian Federation's North Caucasus republics by strengthening local economic development in a region where ethnic fighting has seen massacres and other attacks.

Kosovo: UN transfers more economic powers to local government

The United Nations today outlined a further transfer of economic power to local officials in Kosovo, as it speeds up preparations for final status talks on the ethnically divided province that it has run since 1999, when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) drove Yugoslav troops out amid Albanian-Serb fighting.

UN expert welcomes Italian veto of bill seen as infringing judicial independence

A United Nations legal expert has welcomed Italian President Carlo Azeglio Ciampi's veto of a judicial reform bill, seen as "a worrying limitation" of the independence of the judiciary.

UN Geneva office bugged, latest reported case of spying on world body officials

A sophisticated bugging device has been found in a room used for high-level meetings at the United Nations Office at Geneva (UNOG), the world body’s largest duty station outside its New York Headquarters, but it is not known who was responsible for this latest reported tapping of UN premises, a UN spokesperson said today.

Annan urges Europeans to play lead role in talks on new collective security structure

Continuing a campaign to promote support for a new global security structure, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today urged European countries meeting in Brussels to use their experience in building an economic and political union to play a leading role in developing a collective model for meeting future threats to peace.

UN announces accord to move forward in Kosovo on building multiethnic society

The top United Nations envoy for Kosovo today announced agreement with the new local government on speeding moves towards a multiethnic society in the province, which the UN has run since 1999 when the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) drove Yugoslav troops out amid Albanian-Serb fighting.

Annan's recipe for Kosovo: strengthen security and economy, include minorities

A comprehensive strategy addressing both security and economic problems besetting United Nations-administered Kosovo, as well as the inclusion of Serbs and other minorities with the majority Albanians in provisional arrangements, are among Secretary-General Kofi Annan's recommendations released today for moving the province towards final status.

World Court says it has no jurisdiction in Serbia and Montenegro case against NATO members

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) ruled today that it has no jurisdiction in lawsuits filed by Serbia and Montenegro, then the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, against 10 NATO members for their bombing of Kosovo in 1999 during the province's inter-ethnic conflict.

UN chairs meeting in bid to jump-start Georgian-Abkhaz peace talks

In the latest United Nations effort to advance the Georgian-Abkhaz peace process, diplomats met in Geneva today to prepare for talks with the parties to the conflict, in which the Georgian Government and Abkhaz separatists fought a war 10 years ago that forced nearly 300,000 refugees to flee.