Asia Pacific

Philippines: Six months after typhoon, UN working with communities to rebuild lives

Six months after Typhoon Haiyan devastated the Philippines, while signs of recovery are starting to emerge, progress remains fragile, the United Nations today said urging continued international support for the 14 million people affected.

Afghanistan: UN official urges long-term support for vulnerable communities

In the wake of last week’s massive landslide in north-eastern Afghanistan, a senior United Nations relief official today voiced deep concern about the impact of conflict and natural disasters in the country, and urged the world to step up support to vulnerable communities.

Afghanistan: UN relief officials visit landslide-hit north-eastern province

Following a visit today to the site of the massive landslide which killed hundreds in north-eastern Afghanistan late last week, two senior United Nations humanitarian officials highlighted the longer-term needs of people displaced by natural disasters in the country, as well as the need for long-term preventive measures.

UN rushes to support search, rescue effort after landslides hit north-eastern Afghanistan

Landslides triggered by heavy rains crashed into an area of north-eastern Afghanistan today, killing at least 350 people and causing widespread damage to homes and agriculture, according to a senior United Nations relief official in the country, who said the world body is “fully engaged” in the effort to mobilize support for the initial search and rescue effort.

Asylum reform, freedom of expression top UN deputy rights chief’s agenda in Cambodia

Amidst reports that Cambodia has agreed in principle to house asylum seekers that had tried to enter Australia, a United Nations senior human rights official wrapping up her visit to the country today urged its Government to respect its international commitments.

Afghanistan: UN mission condemns suicide attack in Panjshir province

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) has strongly condemned the suicide car bombing which took place yesterday in the central eastern province of Panjshir, killing at least 15 people – including seven civilians.