Asia Pacific

Coastal residents of Indian Ocean States must be ‘tsunami-savvy’: UNESCO

People living along the coast in vulnerable Indian Ocean countries must learn to be “tsunami-savvy” to survive, while authorities must have solid planning in place to evacuate affected areas, a senior official from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) warned today, just over two weeks after a deadly wave killed almost 700 people in Indonesia and displaced tens of thousands.

Afghanistan: UNESCO chief ‘horrified’ at suicide bombings, targeting of media

With violence escalating in Afghanistan, the head of the United Nations cultural agency today condemned a suicide bomb attack in Kandahar that killed a television cameraman and several other civilians, saying he was “particularly horrified” as the bombers had waited for a crowd to gather to inflict maximum suffering.

UN rushes emergency aid to Tajikistan after earthquakes affect thousands in the south

The United Nations is providing $20,000 in emergency assistance to Tajikistan after earthquakes hit two southern districts of the Central Asian country at the weekend, affecting around 9,000 people and damaging infrastructure in a region close to the border with Afghanistan.

Head of UN mission to Nepal expresses optimism on peace negotiations

The leader of a high-level United Nations delegation visiting Nepal to explore possible UN assistance to that country’s peace process today said he was hopeful that the Nepalese Government and the nation’s Communist party could reach an agreement on arms management in the coming days.