Asia Pacific

Security assurances prompt UN to resume repatriating Afghans from Pakistan

The United Nations refugee agency will next week resume repatriating refugees to Afghanistan from Pakistan, three months after one of its staff members was murdered.

UN mission denounces murder of five aid workers in Afghanistan

The United Nations mission in Afghanistan has strongly condemned yesterday's murder of five non-governmental organization (NGO) staff in an ambush north of Kabul.

Central Asia and Caucasus vow to take harder line on terrorism - UN

Nine countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus have agreed to use their mass media and civil society institutions to develop "a culture of intolerance" towards all forms of terrorism, the United Nations reported today.

UN warns that Asian bird flu outbreaks still occurring, calls for continued control efforts

As officials from nearly two dozen Asia-Pacific countries prepared to gather in Bangkok for an emergency meeting on bird flu, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today warned that outbreaks of the highly virulent disease are still occurring and stressed the need for continued control campaigns.

Odds stacked against indigenous children, UNICEF research shows

Indigenous children have higher mortality rates and lower rates of school enrolment than other children, making them among the most marginalized people in the world, according to research released today by the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

UN agency warns of continuing severe food shortages for millions in DPR of Korea

Despite a stop-gap resumption of food aid to the hungriest of the hungry in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), 1.5 million people will still go short over the next six weeks and millions more will be deprived in the second half of the year unless additional donations arrive soon, the United Nations emergency feeding agency warned today.

It is vital for UN to retain clear and separate identity in Iraq - Annan

With Iraq expecting the United Nations to play a major role in organizing elections, drafting a constitution, reconstructing the country, and building a State based on human rights and the rule of law, the world body must retain a clear and separate identity in this effort, Secretary-General Kofi Annan said today.

Deadly ambush prompts dispatch of extra police to northern Afghanistan - UN

Kabul-based police have been deployed in Afghanistan's northern province of Balkh to help maintain order after a joint delegation from the United Nations mission (UNAMA) and local authorities confirmed that four men were killed in an outbreak of local fighting last week.

UN refugee agency voices concern for Chechens deprived of heating gas

The United Nations refugee agency today voiced concern about displaced Chechens in neighbouring Ingushetia following week-old cuts in heating gas to 10 temporary settlements with over 2,000 people who also face the threatened suspension of water and electricity supplies.

Timor-Leste has made remarkable progress, but still needs help - UN official

While Timor-Leste has progressed impressively since gaining independence, the fragility of its national security means that the United Nations should maintain a presence there for a year beyond the end of its mission’s mandate in May, a senior UN peacekeeping official said today.