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Security Council extends Timor-Leste mission for 1 year, boosts police

The Security Council today extended the United Nations mission in impoverished Timor-Leste for another year until February 2008, while adding up to 140 extra police officers to help counter the increasing violence as the tiny nation gears up for this year’s elections.

UN refugee agency official plans for future of Afghan refugees in Pakistan

Meeting with Pakistani Government officials and Afghan refugees in a four-day visit to the region this week, a senior United Nations refugee agency official said that she is carefully reviewing plans for voluntary repatriation and refugee camp closures.

Fighting in southern Afghanistan hampering UN humanitarian efforts

Security concerns and moving battle fronts in southern Afghanistan are severely limiting efforts to aid the local population in the battle-scarred region, a senior United Nations humanitarian official said today.

UN envoy appeals to population in Timor-Leste to fully back peacekeeping efforts

Responding to increasing violence in the Timor-Leste capital of Dili, the United Nations envoy to the impoverished country today urged the population to fully support the security efforts of the UN and local police, as well as those of the International Security Forces (ISF), as they try to bring stability ahead of this year’s landmark elections.

Indonesia to resume supplying UN health agency with bird flu virus samples

Indonesia has agreed to resume supplying the United Nations health agency with viruses from its bird flu outbreak, a vital tool in tracking possible mutations into a deadly human pandemic and producing vaccines, while the agency will seek to ensure equitable distribution and availability in developing countries of any such vaccines.

International forces, Timor-Leste police strive to boost security after death: UN envoy

Visiting the scene of gang violence in Timor-Leste’s capital today, in which one person was killed and six houses burned down, the United Nations envoy to the impoverished country pledged that international forces working with national police officers will improve security ahead of this year’s landmark elections.

Malaysia should boost education through strengthened human rights: UN expert

Malaysia should bolster its education system and human rights mechanisms simultaneously, a United Nations expert has said following extensive consultations in the country, which he praised for its efforts to provide “world-class” schooling.

Security Council condemns deadly India-Pakistan train bombing; says no justification

The Security Council today condemned Monday’s “terrorist” attack on the Delhi-Lahore 'Friendship Express,' in which 67 people were killed and nearly 20 injured, reiterating that no cause can justify terrorism and welcoming the commitment of both India and Pakistan to proceed with dialogue.

UN, Timorese police continue search for prison escapees

The United Nations Integrated Mission in Timor-Leste (UNMIT) today announced that police and international forces will continue the search for five people who escaped from Becora Prison in Dili, the capital, as law enforcement efforts continue across the small country.

Ban Ki-moon condemns terrorist attack on Pakistan-India 'Friendship Express' train

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today strongly condemned the terrorist bombing of the Delhi-Lahore 'Friendship Express,' in which 67 people were killed and nearly 20 injured.