Asia Pacific

As judge resigns, UN reiterates need for non-interference in Cambodian tribunal

The United Nations today reiterated that the Cambodian genocide tribunal must be permitted to carry out its work without any outside hindrance, after one of the judges resigned, citing attempted interference by Government officials in the court’s proceedings.

Pakistani cities join UN-led campaign on disaster preparedness

More than 30 cities in seven provinces across Pakistan have joined a United-Nations-led disaster preparedness campaign intended to make urban areas resilient and ready to cope with catastrophic events to reduce losses and damage.

UN-convened trade forum in Asia-Pacific urges streamlined procedures

Countries in the Asia-Pacific region should simplify their trade procedures to remain competitive during the current global economic uncertainty, according to experts at a United Nations-convened regional forum on trade policy that concluded yesterday.

Indian Ocean tsunami to be re-enacted for test of UN-backed warning system

More than 20 nations will participate next week in a full-scale exercise to test a United Nations-backed early warning system which will re-enact the events of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.

UN disaster reduction champion calls for integrated flood response in Philippines

A Philippine lawmaker who champions disaster risk reduction in the Asia-Pacific region for the United Nations today called for an integrated flood warning and response system, as 3.2 million of her compatriots struggle with the impact of typhoons that caused widespread floods across the country.

Pakistan: UN humanitarian fund allocates money to sustain flood relief

The United Nations humanitarian fund today announced the allocation of $17.6 million to ensure that more than five million people affected by floods in Pakistan will continue to receive relief, including safe drinking water, sanitation services, food, shelter materials and other essential support.

Pakistan: UN official calls for ‘quantum leap’ in disaster risk reduction measures

The head of the United Nations disaster risk reduction agency arrives tomorrow in Pakistan to discuss possible measures to reduce the impact and recurrence of major floods, which have inundated much of the Asian country in the past two years.

Top UN relief official to visit DPR Korea

The top United Nations humanitarian official will visit the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) later this month to assess the extent of the country’s food crisis and hear from authorities what longer-term plans they have to deal with the food shortages.

UN official condemns killing of journalists in Afghanistan and Brazil

The head of the United Nations agency that defends press freedom today condemned the killing of an Iranian journalist in an attack in neighbouring Afghanistan, and called for better safety for journalists working in the troubled Asian country.