Asia Pacific

UN calls for better Chinese regulation of infant foods in tainted formula crisis

United Nations agencies today called for better regulation of foods for infants and young children in China in light of the contaminated infant formula crisis, reiterating their insistence that breast milk should be used exclusively for the first six months of life.

UN seeks $15 million to help flood-beleaguered Nepalis

The United Nations and its humanitarian partners have issued a $15.5 million appeal today to help 70,000 victims of flooding in eastern Nepal.

Small island nations’ survival threatened by climate change, UN hears

Small island developing nations, which contribute least to climate change but are under imminent threat of inundation due to rising sea levels, appealed to the United Nations today for immediate measures to be taken to ensure their survival.

Timor-Leste entering period of peace, its leader tells high-level UN meeting

Timor-Leste has entered a new phase of peace, economic growth and reduced crime since the unsuccessful assassination attempts against the leaders of the small South-East Asian nation in February, the country’s President told the United Nations today.

Battle against terror is multidimensional, Pakistani leader tells UN

Tackling terror demands a multi-faceted approach that goes beyond military means, President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan said at the General Assembly’s high-level segment today, calling on the support of the international body to address the scourge.

At UN, Republic of Korea urges neighbour to resume nuclear decommissioning

The Republic of Korea (ROK) today appealed to its northern neighbour to resume decommissioning its nuclear weapons programme a day after the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) said it would restart nuclear activities and ended the United Nations atomic watchdog agency’s access to its facilities.

Japan utilizes unique form of diplomacy to foster world peace, leader tells UN

Japan contributes to promote peace and stability throughout the world through its own form of diplomacy, its new leader said in an address to the General Assembly’s high-level debate today.

Australia, at UN, calls for reform of financial systems after market meltdown

The international financial system needs to be substantially reformed to ensure that the current crisis in the global markets is not repeated, Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate tonight.

DPR Korea cuts off UN atomic watchdog agency’s access to nuclear facilities

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) will restart nuclear activities at its reprocessing plant in Yongbyon, shut down last year, and is terminating the United Nations atomic watchdog agency’s access to the facilities, it was announced today.

Myanmar: Ban welcomes release of political prisoners, looks forward to further action

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has once again called for the release of all political prisoners in Myanmar, following yesterday’s “welcome” move by the Government in freeing several detainees as part of an amnesty procedure.