Asia Pacific

Fijian leader tells UN that planned parliamentary elections must be delayed

Fiji will not be able to hold democratic parliamentary elections by March next year, as previously scheduled, because it first needs to reform its electoral system, the country’s Prime Minister has told the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate.

UN agencies call for vigilance on contaminated milk products

Given the ongoing crisis in China over melamine-contaminated powdered food which has hospitalized nearly 13,000 children, United Nations agencies today urged countries to ensure the safe feeding of infants and to be on alert for the possible spread of tainted dairy products.

Nepal’s inclusive Government is one of its strongest assets, UN gathering hears

All segments of the population are banding together to usher in a new era in Nepal, the world’s newest republic, displaying a type of inclusiveness that could serve as a model for the rest of the world, the Asian nation’s leader said at the United Nations today.

Bangladesh outlines details of global food bank proposal during UN debate

A global food bank that allows needy countries to borrow grains on preferential terms would help alleviate the devastating impact of the food crisis, Bangladesh’s Chief Adviser told the General Assembly’s annual high-level debate today.

Vanuatu asks UN to review criteria for least developed country status

Vanuatu today called on the United Nations to urgently review the criteria for classifying some nations as least developed countries (LDCs), a status that brings increased international aid and trade assistance, saying that the interpretation of the rules could lead to some struggling States missing out on vital funding.

Bhutan, at UN, hits out at impact of consumerism on scarce natural resources

Bhutan’s Prime Minister warned today at the General Assembly that consumerism is draining the world of key natural resources and helping spark or exacerbate recent crises over fuel prices, water reserves and the financial markets.

Nuclear sources could deliver energy, mitigate climate change, India tells UN

India’s rapid economic growth is driving it to pursue all avenues to locate sources of clean energy, the South Asian nation’s Prime Minister told delegates at the annual high-level segment of the General Assembly today.

Up to 170,000 flood victims in western Nepal to receive UN emergency aid

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said today it is mobilizing emergency assistance for up to 170,000 people in western Nepal who have been displaced by the severe flooding that claimed more than 30 lives earlier this month.

Climate change threatens international peace, Pacific Island States tell UN debate

Pacific Island States spoke out at the General Assembly today on the issue of climate change, promising to table a draft resolution during the climate session that will call on the United Nations to investigate the threat posed by global warming to international peace and security.

Tajik leader calls on UN for urgent assistance on water-related issues

The leader of Tajikistan today called on the General Assembly to take urgent action to boost the supply of water to meet development challenges.