Asia Pacific

UN meeting on Asia-Pacific seeks to close huge financial gap for development

A major United Nations meeting on the Asia-Pacific region today adopted a series of resolutions towards closing an annual $180-billion financing gap in crucial infrastructure development to improve the lives of nearly 700 million of the area’s most vulnerable and poorest people.

Nepal: UN rights office again deplores excessive use of police force

United Nations human rights officials have called on the Nepalese Government to end its “deplorable” excessive use of force against demonstrators, including severe beatings, indiscriminate attacks on bystanders, some of them women and children, and “seriously unacceptable” detention conditions.

As UN atomic chief heads to Iran, Annan appeals for a ‘cool down’ of rhetoric

With the head of the United Nations Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohammed ElBaradei, on his way to Tehran for talks with Iran on resuming cooperation with the nuclear non-proliferation regime, Secretary-General Kofi Annan appealed today for all involved to “cool down” their rhetoric and actively search for a diplomatic solution.

Annan strongly condemns ‘vicious’ suicide attack in Pakistan

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today strongly condemned yesterday’s suicide attack at a Muslim prayer service in Karachi, Pakistan, where dozens of people were reportedly killed and injured.

UN tsunami envoy Bill Clinton launches major review of key challenges

Former United States President Bill Clinton continued his advocacy as United Nations Special Envoy for Tsunami Recovery today by launching a six-month intensive examination of key challenges facing groups working in the area affected by the disaster, which sparked unprecedented financial contributions for relief efforts.

As violence escalates in Sri Lanka, Annan appeals to parties to attend peace talks

Expressing concern at the escalating violence in Sri Lanka, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today appealed to the Government and the separatist Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) to attend next week’s peace talks in Geneva, while the senior UN official on the island said the latest killings of aid workers could threaten humanitarian operations to those most in need.

After deadly Afghan school attack, UN envoy calls for end to such atrocities

The top United Nations envoy in Afghanistan today condemned the “heinous” attack on a school which killed six children and wounded 14 other people. He called for the end of such atrocities against the youngsters of the violence-torn country.

UN meeting on Asia-Pacific mulls two-track approach for regional development

A major United Nations meeting on the Asia-Pacific region today discussed a two-track approach to cooperation focusing on both cross-border infrastructure development, such as highways and railways, and infrastructure investment like bonds and a development bank.

Asia-Pacific region faces staggering infrastructure needs, UN meeting is told

In spite of some gains in transport, notably the Trans-Asian Railway Network and the Asian Highway Network, a staggering $600 billion a year is needed for infrastructure development in Asia-Pacific region as a whole, a major United Nations regional meeting was told today.

Nepal: after reports of death and injury, UN calls on army to use restraint

United Nations human rights officials have expressed grave concern at reports of shooting into a crowd of demonstrators by the Nepalese army resulting in death and injury, calling the incident a clear violation of international standards.