Asia Pacific

UN agency calls on Sri Lanka separatists to stop recruiting child soldiers

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today urged Tamil separatists in strife-torn Sri Lanka to stop recruiting child soldiers and release those already in their ranks.

South Pacific voters in Tokelau head to polls to decide political status

Citizens of the tiny South Pacific atolls of Tokelau went to the polls for a second time today in a landmark UN-supervised referendum that could change the political status of this Non-Self-Governing Territory, which is now administered by New Zealand.

UN and Cambodia set up office for war crimes court to try former Khmer Rouge leaders

The United Nations and the Cambodian Government have set up an administrative office for the court that will try former leaders of the Khmer Rouge accused of horrific crimes, including killing hundreds of thousand of citizens during the 1970s, a spokesman for the world body announced today.

Improvements in Afghanistan’s security critical to development efforts – UN official

Amid stepped-up clashes in Afghanistan, including violent protests, factional clashes and suicide attacks, a United Nations official today warned that enhanced security in the country is necessary for realizing international plans for its development.

UN team heads to Pacific islands of Tokelau as its population prepares to vote

In preparation for a landmark referendum on Saturday that could change Tokelau’s political status, a team of United Nations observers is going to the tiny South Pacific atolls that make up the Non-Self-Governing Territory, which is currently administered by New Zealand.

UN refugee agency helps Bhutanese refugees in Nepal shift to solar power

In an unusual partnership announced today, the United Nations refugee agency has linked up with a Dutch fundraising agency to help Bhutanese refugees living in Nepal move to clean energy through solar power.

UN agencies call for release of aid workers abducted in Sri Lanka

Deploring the reported abduction of 10 humanitarian aid workers on the troubled island of Sri Lanka, United Nations officials in the country today called for their immediate release, saying they had “the right to respect and protection from harm.”

Study showing governments violate human rights of tsunami survivors released at UN

Governments are violating the human rights of their own citizens as tsunami survivors endure discrimination, inadequate housing and assaults one year after the tragedy swept through Southeast Asia, a study released today at United Nations Headquarters in New York says.