Asia Pacific

Multifaceted UN response to tsunami focuses on both large and small

From water storage tanks in India to safe delivery kits for pregnant women in the Maldives to fishery experts in Indonesia, the massive United Nations relief operation for the victims of the Asia's devastating tsunami today continued to address a vast spectrum of needs, both general and specific, giant and small.

UN health agency calls for heightened control in Viet Nam after new bird flu case

The United Nations health agency has called for heightened control measures against bird flu in Viet Nam following informal reports of a new human case, warning that increases in poultry marketing, transportation, and consumption with the approach of the Lunar New Year in February create conditions favouring its spread.

As pledges for tsunami victims top $1.1 billion, Annan says logistics is biggest challenge

With governments and international organizations having increased their combined pledges to help the victims of last Sunday's Asian tsunami to between $1.1 billion and $1.2 billion, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan warned today that the biggest challenge is now overcoming the logistics of distributing aid and relief supplies to the hardest-hit areas.

In UN relief effort after Asian tsunami, some details fall below public radar

From floating mines – the dislodged detritus of long running civil war – to the psychological after-shocks of Asia's devastating tsunami, the massive United Nations relief operation is addressing the mini-crises that may slip below the radar of public attention amid the glare devoted to the immediate health and shelter emergencies.

Annan convenes emergency meeting to oversee UN tsunami relief operations

With the United Nations health agency warning that up to 5 million people in Southeast Asia are without basic services after Sunday's devastating tsunami, Secretary-General Kofi Annan today chaired a top level emergency meeting to oversee what may turn out to be the largest ever UN relief effort for a natural disaster.

Daunting logistical problems confront UN efforts to reach Asian tsunami victims

Beyond the enormous effort to raise donations in cash and kind, one of the major challenges confronting the massive United Nations operation to bring relief to the survivors of the devastating Asian tsunami is to ensure that the aid reaches those who need it most despite daunting logistical and access problems.

UN's initial tsunami relief takes various forms in worst-hit countries

As the United Nations system moves into high gear to identify the immediate needs of the countries devastated by the South Asian tsunami that has reportedly claimed nearly 70,000 lives and affected millions more, initial actions have been tailored to help each of the worst-hit nations.

Annan cuts short holidays to oversee massive UN relief effort after Asian tsunami

Secretary-General Kofi Annan is cutting short his end-of-year holidays to return to United Nations Headquarters in New York tonight to oversee the world body's relief efforts after the devastating tsunami that struck Southern Asia, killing some 80,000 people, injuring hundreds of thousands more and affecting millions.

UN launches initial tsunami appeal, seeks early warning system within year

On day three of the massive United Nations relief effort after the devastating Asian tsunami, senior officials today issued an immediate call for $130 million ahead of a much vaster appeal next week, stressed that coordination was now vital to save hundreds of thousands of lives, and set a 12-month deadline to install an early warning system to prevent a repeat disaster.

UN mobilizes to aid Asian tsunami survivors and mitigate any repeat catastrophe

With deadly diseases now stalking the survivors of the massive South Asian tsunami that has already claimed an estimated 40,000 lives, the United Nations today turned to the urgent task of providing clean drinking water and health care for millions of people and the longer-term need for an early warning system.