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Afghanistan: UN envoy hails national army's progress

The senior United Nations envoy to Afghanistan this weekend hailed progress achieved by the country's national army and called on all people to work for reconstruction in the war-ravaged land.

All sides in Nepal conflict should return to negotiating table, Annan urges

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today voiced deep concern over the breakdown of the ceasefire and recent upsurge of violence in Nepal and called on all sides, especially the communist insurgents, to return to the negotiating table.

UN environmental agency helps in Pakistani oil spill

The United Nations environmental agency has sent an emergency response specialist to Pakistan to help authorities there assess damage from the break-up of an oil tanker amid fears that stormy weather could spread spilled oil to ecologically fragile mangrove forests and turtle nesting beaches along the Arabian Sea coast.

UN Children's Fund opens Afghan workshop on former child soldiers

The top United Nations envoy in Afghanistan today opened a workshop organized by the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) on the demobilization and reintegration of former child soldiers in the war-torn country.

Annan welcomes Beijing talks to defuse nuclear tensions on Korean peninsula

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today welcomed six-party talks being held in Beijing, in an effort to defuse nuclear tensions on the Korean peninsula as "an encouraging development" that he hoped would strengthen peace and stability.

UN agency deeply concerned by arrest of Indonesian asylum seekers in Malaysia

The United Nations refugee agency voiced deep concern today over the arrests of Indonesian Acehnese asylum seekers outside its office in the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur and called on the authorities to grant temporary protection to all civilians fleeing the conflict in the Indonesian province.

More than 400,000 Afghan refugees returned home so far this year – UN agency

More than 400,000 Afghan refugees have returned home so far this year, bringing the number of returnees to more than 2.32 million since organized repatriation began in March 2002, about half the estimated total of those in Pakistan and Iran, the two principal asylum countries, the UN refugee agency announced today.

Security Council lauds Pacific Forum's bid to restore peace in Solomon Islands

The members of the Security Council today lauded efforts by countries of the Pacific Islands Forum, especially Australia and New Zealand, for their efforts to restore peace in the Solomon Islands, scene of recent inter-island political and ethnic fighting, and called on all parties there to renounce the use of force to settle their differences.

UN agency signs new anti-narcotics agreement with Afghanistan

With Afghanistan listed as a key producer of opium, the United Nations anti-narcotics agency has added a new agreement to its largely expanded portfolio of 20 projects, worth $38 million, in the fight against illicit drugs in the central Asian country.

Annan denounces terrorist bomb attack in Mumbai, India

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today denounced the terrorist bomb attacks in Mumbai, India, which killed more than 40 peopled and injured many more.