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UN development agency co-sponsors meeting on Afghanistan's recovery

An international conference on Afghanistan's reconstruction set to open tomorrow in Islamabad has attracted wide interest, including among Afghans, according to organizers of the meeting that is being co-sponsored by the United Nations development agency.

In Germany, UN officials prepare for talks on Afghanistan's future

One day before the start of United Nations-sponsored talks on the future of Afghanistan, UN officials were holding intensive consultations at the conference’s site near Bonn, Germany, in an effort to speed up the process towards the formation of a representative, broad-based and multi-ethnic Afghan government.

Afghanistan: UN relief effort continues amid persistent security concerns

Amid persistent security concerns, United Nations agencies continued to provide relief aid to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan, UN officials said today.

Annan's envoy set to visit Myanmar to help democratization, national reconciliation talks

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Special Envoy to Myanmar is scheduled to visit the country at the end of this month to help facilitate the talks between the Government and opposition leaders, a UN spokesman announced today.

UN agency launches first food airlift from Tajikistan into Afghanistan

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today launched its first air operation from Tajikistan into Afghanistan in an effort to bring urgently needed aid to more than 274,000 desperately hungry people in remote locations across the northeastern part of the country.

UN-backed meeting of Afghan factions to be held Tuesday in Bonn

Logistical constraints will push a planned meeting of Afghan factions in Bonn back from Monday to Tuesday, a United Nations spokesman announced today.

United Front leaders tell UN that women can fully participate in Afghan society

Leaders of the United Front have indicated that women will be able to fully participate in Afghan society, a senior United Nations official reported today.

Donors agree on need for urgency in reconstructing Afghanistan, UN official says

Stressing the need to capitalize on the current attention to Afghanistan in order to fund its recovery, the top United Nations development official today reported widespread agreement among donors on the urgency of this task.

UN envoys continue talks in advance of Bonn meeting on Afghanistan

Secretary-General Kofi Annan's Deputy Special Representative for Afghanistan today completed a mission to Kabul, where he held talks with leading officials in advance of next week's meeting in Bonn of various Afghan factions.

UN-brokered Afghan meeting set for Monday; Security Council welcomes move

Lakhdar Brahimi, Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s Special Representative for Afghanistan, today confirmed that a meeting of various Afghan groups and other interested players was set for next week in Germany – a development that was immediately welcomed by members of the United Nations Security Council.