Asia Pacific

Needs are still great for Myanmar’s cyclone victims, says UN-backed group

A review of the progress made to date to provide humanitarian assistance to the victims of Cyclone Nargis has found that while relief efforts are ongoing, they need to be stepped up, especially to ensure food security, a United Nations-backed group said today.

Senior UN officials urge greater protection for Afghan children’s rights

Senior United Nations officials in Afghanistan have called for greater efforts to improve the situation of children in the strife-torn nation, after a new report by the Organization revealed cases of recruitment by insurgents, sexual violence and continuing attacks on schools.

Top UN official pleased that Nepal and Philippines agreed to release child soldiers

A senior United Nations official today welcomed recent breakthroughs made in Nepal and the Philippines to release child soldiers.

Afghanistan: Senior UN official deplores Taliban use of child in suicide blast

The United Nations envoy to Afghanistan has strongly condemned a suicide bombing, “allegedly” using a 13-year-old boy, against British forces in the south of the violence-wracked nation.

As Iraqis head closer to polls, UN finances election training

A United Nations development agency announced today that over 150,000 Iraqi civilians, some in the remotest areas of the country, have been trained in the electoral process in programmes it has financed ahead of upcoming elections.

New UN-Japan pact seeks to boost use of space data to reduce disaster risk

A new agreement between the United Nations and the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) will enable them to boost their cooperation to use space-based information and services to help reduce the risk of disasters in the Asia-Pacific region.

Timor-Leste issues UN-backed human rights guide for armed forces

A booklet that aims to build human rights awareness among the members of the armed forces of the young nation of Timor-Leste was released today and immediately welcomed by the United Nations mission in the country, known as UNMIT.

Philippine rebels agree to stop fielding child soldiers, UN official says

An Islamic rebel group in the Philippines will stop recruiting child soldiers and return to civilian life those already in their ranks, according to an action plan announced by a United Nations official who wrapped up a five-day mission in the country today.

Ban hopes differences on Korean denuclearization will be resolved soon

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today expressed hope that critical differences on the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula will be overcome after they were left unresolved by Six-Party Talks that ended yesterday, despite what he called “serious discussions.”

UN loans $30 million to micro-finance scheme for poor rural Indian women

A new United Nations loan of over $30 million seeks to boost the social and economic power of rural women in India’s largest pocket of poverty.