Asia Pacific

UN helping Philippines tackle first-ever Ebola outbreak in pigs

The Philippine Government has asked the United Nations for help in tackling what appears to be the first publicly reported outbreak of the deadly Ebola-Reston virus in pigs, which has attacked hog farms in the South-East Asian nation.

UN urges better protection for media after attack on Nepali publishing house

The United Nations has condemned yesterday’s attack against staff at the Himal Media publishing house in Kathmandu as an assault on the freedom of expression, and urged authorities in Nepal to ensure a safe environment for media professionals to do their work.

UN disaster team arrives in flood-stricken Papua New Guinea

A five-member United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team has arrived in Papua New Guinea to help identify the aid needs of some 32,000 victims of severe sea swells that hit a wide extent of the northern shoreline and neighbouring islands.

Japan to take in Myanmar refugees under pilot resettlement project – UN

The United Nations refugee agency has welcomed Japan’s decision to introduce a pilot resettlement programme to accept Myanmar refugees in Thailand starting in 2010, making it the first country in the region to launch such an initiative.

Nepal: former Government forces cited for scores of disappearances – UN report

A United Nations investigation into a series of disappearances during the decade-long civil war in Nepal has uncovered eyewitnesses accusing former Government forces of killing a number of its captives, according to a report released by the world body today.

Tackling corruption crucial to Afghanistan’s future, stresses UN envoy

The top United Nations envoy to Afghanistan today called the fight against corruption one of the single most important issues for the future of the young democracy, and urged all of its citizens and its international partners to combat the scourge.

Ban welcomes lifting of Bangladesh’s state of emergency ahead of polls

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon welcomed the lifting today of the state of emergency in Bangladesh as “a positive step” towards ensuring the right of all of its citizens to free, fair and credible parliamentary elections, which are slated for 29 December.

Afghanistan: UN envoy urges revision of detention, search and air attack tactics

The top United Nations official in Afghanistan today called for a revision of the agreement between the Government and international military forces on detention, house searches and the use of air power, which has led to the deaths of many civilians.

New UN report highlights challenges to ensuring food security in Timor-Leste

Timor-Leste faces a number of challenges in its quest to ensure that all of its citizens have access to adequate food, such as poor infrastructure connecting villages to local markets, according to a new report by the United Nations mission in the country, known as UNMIT.

Flood-stricken Papua New Guinea receives UN assistance

The United Nations is sending a disaster assessment team to Papua New Guinea after severe sea swells hit the northern shoreline, affecting up to 60,000 people, according to government estimates.