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Security Council supports speedy UN assistance for Nepal’s peace process

The United Nations Security Council today expressed its support for speedy UN assistance to Nepal, following the landmark peace deal signed last week between the Government and the Maoists ending 10-years of civil war that killed 15,000 people and displaced over 100,000 others.

UN fully takes over policing role in Timor Leste after agreement with Government

In a further effort to reduce lawlessness in Timor Leste, particularly after two people were killed in the capital earlier this week, the United Nations will now have prime responsibility for police operations throughout the small and impoverished South-East Asian nation, after signing an agreement today with the Government.

UN-backed relief convoy reaches 40,000 Sri Lankans cut off for past month by fighting

A humanitarian convoy of 84 trucks organized with United Nations help has brought in food, fuel and medical supplies to 40,000 displaced Sri Lankans cut off for the past month by fighting between the Government and Tamil separatists in the north-east of the strife-torn Indian Ocean island.

UN in race against time to provide food for 600,000 Afghans before winter cuts them off

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is racing against the clock to deliver food for some 600,000 impoverished Afghans who will be cut off once winter’s bitter cold arrives and heavy snows set in, while at the same time seeking urgent donations now to prevent a shortfall with the approach of next spring.

General Assembly puts its weight behind Afghan reconstruction plan, stresses security

The 192-member General Assembly has fully backed a five-year reconstruction plan for strife-torn Afghanistan agreed with the international community earlier this year, stressing in particular the need to improve security in the country and also deal with the widespread drug trade.

Security Council urges Fiji’s military leadership to resolve any disputes peacefully

The Security Council today expressed concern at the possibility of a coup d’état against the Fijian Government, urging the country’s military leadership to exercise restraint and respect the rule of law.

‘Prompt and effective’ UN response needed in Nepal, envoy stresses to Security Council

The Security Council should act promptly and authorize an advanced United Nations team to go to Nepal and assist with the nascent peace process and preparations for next year’s elections, following the deal ending 10-years of civil war that killed 15,000 people and displaced over 100,000 others, the top UN envoy to the country said today.

Record Afghan opium crop is massive source of corruption, UN report warns

Efforts to combat opium production in Afghanistan, a $3-billion-a-year trade accounting for more than 90 per cent of the world’s illegal output, have been marred by high-level corruption, with this year registering a record increase of some 50 per cent, according to a United Nations report released today.

Secretary-General expresses concern at recent violence in Tonga

Secretary-General Kofi Annan voiced alarm today at the recent outbreak of violence in the Pacific island nation of Tonga, stressing that all sides must pursue their disagreements through dialogue.

Possibility of coup in Fiji sparks warning from UN Secretary-General

Secretary-General Kofi Annan voiced alarm today at the possibility of a coup d’état against the Fijian Government, warning that the current political crisis could jeopardize the reputation of the Pacific island nation.