Asia Pacific

UN plans interim tsunami warning system that could be running almost at once

In a first step to prevent a repeat of the horrendous toll reaped a month ago by the devastating Indian Ocean tsunami, the United Nations is developing an interim early warning system for the region that could be operational almost immediately until a longer-term fully-fledged mechanism is put in place.

UN and partners open the world’s first biodiversity park of its kind in Pakistan

With last month’s devastating Indian Ocean tsunami giving added urgency to environmental protection, the United Nations and its partners today officially opened the first biodiversity park of its kind in the world in Morgah, Pakistan.

Indonesia welcomes more permanent UN presence in Aceh for tsunami relief

The Indonesian military has welcomed a more permanent United Nations presence to reinforce aid coordination in the city of Calang in Aceh province, the area most devastated by last month’s tsunami, and infrastructure for a UN office is on the way there while several agencies already have staff on the ground.

UN's top counter-narcotics official calls for international arrest warrants against Afghan drug traffickers

The senior United Nations counter-narcotics official has completed a visit to Afghanistan with a call for international arrest warrants against drug traffickers there.

UN anti-terror meeting in Kazakhstan ends with call to fight scourge in all its forms

Delegates to a United Nations meeting on terrorism have agreed that global action plans to fight the scourge should encourage countries to become parties to the dozen international anti-terror treaties already on the books and underscored the world body's central role in the effort.

Annan expresses shock after bomb attack kills former UN official from Bangladesh

Secretary-General Kofi Annan today voiced his shock and sadness at the death of a former United Nations official who was killed in a fatal bomb attack at a political rally in Bangladesh.

Build up logistics, cooperation with private sector before next tsunami strikes – UN

Briefing Member States on the key lessons learned from the United Nations-coordinated relief response to last month's devastating Indian Ocean tsunami, the world body's top relief official today stressed the need to build up logistics, communications and cooperation with the private sector before the next disaster strikes.

UN seeks $67 million for increased risk of malaria, dengue fever after tsunami

Warning of an increased risk of deadly mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever sweeping across South Asian countries ravaged by last month’s tsunami, the United Nations health agency issued an urgent appeal today for $67 million to ward off a potentially severe public health crisis over the next six months.

UN needs $202 million to feed 6.5 million hungry people in DPR of Korea

With millions of children, women and elderly in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) barely living at subsistence level, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said today it needed $202 million for 2005 to feed the 6.5 million most desperately hungry, over a quarter of the total population.

Further sporadic human cases of bird flu can be expected in Asian countries – UN

With the number of human bird flu cases in Viet Nam since mid-December now reaching 10, nine of them fatal, the United Nations health agency has warned that further sporadic cases and occasional family clusters can be expected considering the current spread of outbreaks in poultry in some Asian countries.