Asia Pacific

Timor-Leste: UN envoy hails new report on policing needs

Timor-Leste requires added funding to boost its law enforcement operations, the senior United Nations envoy to the country said today, endorsing the findings of a new report on the country's policing needs.

UN expert on indigenous rights to visit Philippines

A United Nations expert on the rights of indigenous peoples today announced plans to head to the Philippines on Monday to assess the situation there.

UN reports improved security in Afghanistan as disarmament picks up pace

The disarmament process in Afghanistan is picking up pace, according to a spokesman for the United Nations Assistance Mission in the country.

New UN publication warns of severe hardship for millions of workers in Asia

Five years after the 1997 financial crisis, many workers in Southeast Asia are just one paycheque away from extreme poverty, according to a new publication by the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP).

Security Council authorizes 1-year extension of international force in Afghanistan

With the situation in Afghanistan still constituting a threat to global peace and security, the United Nations Security Council today authorized the extension of the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in the country until 20 December 2003.

Drought and floods leave over half a million Cambodians in need of food aid, UN reports

A combination of drought and floods in Cambodia has left some 670,000 people there in need of food aid until the end of the year, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) said today, warning that global climate change could generate persistent food shortages in the years ahead.

Afghanistan: UN envoy urges investigation of attack on aid workers

Following an ambush against two relief workers in Afghanistan, the senior United Nations envoy to the country, Lakhdar Brahimi, today urged the authorities to find and punish those responsible.

UN human rights expert on question of torture to visit Uzbekistan

A United Nations human rights expert on the question of torture today announced plans to visit Uzbekistan later this month at the Government's invitation.

Tajikistan continues to expel Afghan refugees - UN agency

Despite assurances that asylum seekers would not be deported following the expulsion of nine Afghans in September, the United Nations refugee agency today said the government of Tajikistan had expelled five more Afghans from the country last week.

Myanmar: Annan welcomes release of over 100 political prisoners

Welcoming the release of more than 100 political prisoners in Myanmar, United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan today said he hoped the move would help jumpstart the country's national reconciliation talks.