Asia Pacific

East Timor prosecutor issues new indictments, including one for 1999 murder of local UN staff

The East Timor prosecutor's office has issued four indictments for crimes against humanity committed in 1999, including the murder of two local United Nations employees after the popular consultation that year.

UN health agency seeks $1.2 million to tackle disfiguring disease rampant in Afghanistan

Seeking to tackle a disfiguring disease that afflicts hundreds of thousands of people in Afghanistan, the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) today appealed for $1.2 million to fund the effort.

Explosions in southern Afghanistan damage nearby UN installations

United Nations offices in southern Afghanistan suffered damages and one UN staff member was injured after an ammunition dump exploded last night and this morning in Kandahar.

Local pressure in Pakistan on Afghan refugees to return home concerns UN

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) voiced concern today over the "very serious" pressure to return home that Afghan refugees were facing in Pakistan from local authorities.

China facing HIV/AIDS disaster of 'unimaginable proportion,' UN warns

Ten million people in China could contract the AIDS virus by the end of the decade, pushing the country towards a potential disaster of "unimaginable proportion," according to new United Nations report released today.

Warning of looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan, UN appeals for urgent funding

Warning of a potential humanitarian crisis looming over Afghanistan, a senior United Nations official today urged donors to back international efforts to help the country rebuild from decades of conflict and years of drought.

UN observes International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

Drawing attention to the efforts to rebuild Afghanistan as a democratic and well-governed country, the United Nations main anti-drug agency today said such measures provided an opportunity to make "significant progress" in substantially reducing the supply of opiates in the narcotics market.

Security Council hails Afghanistan's recent moves towards political transition

Unanimously adopting a resolution on Afghanistan's recent steps towards a transition to democracy, the Security Council today hailed the country for selecting a leader and consolidating recent political gains.

Afghanistan provides three fourths of world's illicit opium, UN reports

Afghanistan has become the source of almost three quarters of all global illicit opium production, an industry generating an annual turnover of about $25 billion worldwide, according to the main United Nations anti-drug agency.

UN envoy on hand as Afghanistan swears in new cabinet

Afghanistan's new cabinet was officially sworn in today, with the senior United Nations envoy to the country on hand during the ceremonies in Kabul.