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Afghanistan: UN aid effort hampered by insecurity, lack of access

Hamstrung by overall insecurity and the resulting problems of access, United Nations relief agencies continued to scramble to deliver humanitarian aid throughout Afghanistan, UN officials said today.

UN opens meeting in Berlin on Afghanistan recovery effort

Senior United Nations officials today pledged their agencies' support in rebuilding Afghanistan as a donor conference focusing on the immediate and longer-term needs of the country opened today in Berlin.

In a key step, Afghan factions at UN talks agree on interim authority

The United Nations-sponsored talks on Afghanistan in Bonn made a significant move forward today as delegates from four Afghan factions agreed to a final draft document early this morning, according to a UN spokesman.

East Timor assembly adopts two more articles of constitution

The East Timor Constituent Assembly passed two more articles of its first constitution relating to sovereignty, constitutionality and citizenship, the United Nations Transitional Administration (UNTAET) reported today.

Top UN officials to attend Berlin donor meeting on Afghanistan's reconstruction

United Nations officials are gearing up to attend a donor conference on the reconstruction of Afghanistan set to open in Berlin on Wednesday.

UN reports four casualties amid ongoing efforts to rid Kabul of mines

The United Nations today reported four recent demining casualties resulting from ongoing efforts to rid Kabul of the deadly threat posed by unexploded ordnance.

At UN talks, Afghan factions near agreement on interim arrangements

Apparently close to agreement on a political transition for Afghanistan, four Afghan factions meeting at United Nations-sponsored talks in Bonn are studying translations of a proposed text before adopting it, a UN spokesman said today.

East Timor assembly begins debate over first constitution

East Timor’s elected assembly began debating the territory’s constitution, passing the first article, which declares the nation a republic and defines its name and official independence date, the United Nations Transitional Administration (UNTAET) reported today.

UN agency to employ record number of Afghan women to survey food needs

In a sign of the drastically altered social landscape in Afghanistan, the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) today announced that it would employ a record number of women to survey food needs in Kabul as part of a major distribution effort for the city.

Myanmar: UN envoy encourages parties to move to 'substantive' talks

United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan’s envoy for Myanmar has concluded his mission to the country after encouraging both the Government and opposition leaders to develop their talks “as soon as possible” into a substantive dialogue, a UN spokesman in New York said today.