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Activists and members of Colombian NGO 'Tejedoras de Vida' hold a demostration for the end of violence against women.
Alianza Tejedoras de Vida

The key to climate action and sustainable peace? Women’s full and equal participation

Women and children increasingly bear the brunt of climate change, which deepens the inequalities and vulnerabilities they already face, such as poverty, violence, lack of opportunities and basic human rights. Yet women are not victims; they are survivors, innovators and solution-multipliers who deserve a real seat at the table. Two Colombian activists tell us why this is true.

Semi Alisha Fermond works alongside transgender people at Trans House in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
UN Haiti/Daniel Dickinson

First Person : I don’t want to die in the body of a man

A transgender woman in Haiti has said she does not want to die in a man's body, and hopes to leave her native country to fulfill her dream of transitioning from being a man to a woman. Semi Alisha Fermond works with transgender people at Kay Trans Ayiti (the Creole name for Trans House Haiti) and is an activist with the UNDP and UNAIDS-supported organization Community Action for the Integration of Vulnerable Haitians (ACIFVH).