Students go back to Haitian school three years after gang attack

Students have returned to the Lycée National de La Saline after it was closed due to gang violence.

Training offers a way out of poverty for young victims of Colombian conflict

Camilo Vergara is one of hundreds of young Colombians benefiting from a UN programme aimed at pulling victims of the country’s former conflict out of poverty, and into stable employment.

Haiti at ‘crossroads’ entering post-earthquake reconstruction

Haiti is once more at a ‘crossroads’, six months after a devastating earthquake hit the south-west of the country, according to the UN Deputy Secretary-General, Amina Mohammed.

LIVE: Pledging conference for Haiti reconstruction

On 14 August 2021, the southwest region of Haiti was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake which led to widespread death and destruction. Some 2,200 people died, over 12,500 were injured and up to 800,000 people directly impacted. On Wednesday, six months on from the disaster, the Haitian government held an international pledging conference, in the hope of raising the $2 billion needed for reconstruction.

Rebuilding Haiti: The post-earthquake path to recovery

Six months after a devastating earthquake in south-west Haiti which caused the deaths of 2,200 people and injured 12,700 more, the international community is coming together with the Government of Haiti to raise up to $2 billion for the long-term recovery and reconstruction of the country. UN News explains why support is needed.

IAEA charts Amazon waters, boosting access to life-saving cancer screening

Women living in Amazon River communities now have increased access to breast cancer screening along even its most remote banks, thanks to two new mammography units installed on Brazilian navy ships. 

Tragic death of Venezuelan baby highlights need for greater migrant protection

Following the death of a baby during an interception at sea off the southeast coast of the island of Trinidad on Sunday, UN agencies have expressed their deep sadness and called for stronger measures to protects refugees and migrants.

Haitian teenager spends 3 years in a jail for crime he didn’t commit

A young Haitian man is rebuilding his life, with the support of the UN, after being held in detention for three years, from the age of 15, when he was wrongfully accused of stealing from a local shopkeeper. Many others, like him, spend a prolonged period of time behind bars, before their case comes to trial.

Women building a sustainable future: The Mexican violinist who saved the Sierra Gorda

Forty years ago, Martha Isabel Ruiz Corzo, known as Pati, left the Mexican city of Querétaro with her family in search of a simple rural life. Instead, she ended up leading and inspiring a group of some 17,000 local environmental activists, devoted to protecting the remote and beautiful Sierra Gorda.

Americas: Pace of Omicron slows amid rising COVID infections 

COVID infections and deaths in North America continue to rise, as hospitalizations increase throughout the whole continent, the head of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Regional Office said on Wednesday.