New administration in Colombia provides ‘tremendous opportunity’ to further peace

The international community should lend full support to the incoming administration in Colombia, which has a tremendous opportunity to speed up implementation of the landmark 2016 Peace Agreement that ended more than 50 years of civil war, the top UN official in the country told the Security Council on Thursday. 

Gang violence in Port-au-Prince threatens more than a million food-insecure Haitians

Surging and deadly gang violence in the Haitian capital has contributed to runaway food insecurity for well over one million people there, the UN World Food Programme (WFP) said on Tuesday.

Suriname gives ‘hope and inspiration to the world to save our rainforests’: UN chief 

Suriname might be the smallest and least populated country in South America, but it is also one of the greenest. Considered a global leader in biodiversity conservation, with more than 90 per cent of its land surface covered by native forests, the nation’s unrivaled natural resources more than make up for its size. 

Exploring the largest ocean reef restoration project in the Americas: ‘One Million Corals for Colombia’

The marine treasures of Colombia are often overlooked, as the country is known more for its mountains and the colourful towns that dot its coffee region. But just below the waves, a vibrant undersea world with over a thousand square kilometres of coral reef awaits those who take the plunge.

Haiti must remain at ‘forefront’ of international agenda, Security Council hears

Amid the rapidly deteriorating security situation in Haiti, discussions about the country’s future governance remain deadlocked, UN Special Representative Helen La Lime said in a briefing to the Security Council on Thursday.

Americas: Pace of Omicron slows amid rising COVID infections 

COVID infections and deaths in North America continue to rise, as hospitalizations increase throughout the whole continent, the head of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Regional Office said on Wednesday.

Top UN Colombia official calls for greater implementation of historic peace accord

Five years after its signing, the Final Peace Agreement in Colombia is setting down ever deeper roots, the Special Representative for the country told the Security Council on Thursday, as he called on the Government, political parties, former combatants and Colombians across the diverse South American nation, to intensify implementation of the landmark 2016 accord ahead of Congressional elections. 

‘Overwhelmed by old challenges’, Caribbean leaders say COVID-19 has forced a new battle for the survival of their nations

Caribbean island nations are under assault from the coronavirus pandemic even as they try to protect their communities from rising seas and raging storms, regional leaders said Saturday at the UN, where they called for bold action to tackle climate change and shore up public health systems.

Haitian Prime Minister: As long as there is inequality, migration will continue  

The Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, said on Saturday that “human beings, fathers and mothers who have children, are always going to flee poverty and conflict.” 

Mexico calls for respect for migrants’ rights, and ‘true international solidarity’  

In his address to the high-level debate at the UN General Assembly on Thursday, Marcelo Ebrard, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Mexico, reaffirmed his country’s commitment against discrimination and hate speech and called for more solidarity.